So Much For Light Blogging, leh?

Since Nov 1...

Words in the Blog - 3000+

Words in the Novel - 4365.

I'd almost be on target (well only 5000 behind) if I'd used that verbal energy on the novel...



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 08, 07 | 11:37 pm | Profile


Keep going, E@L. I've finished the October story--onwards to the November story. It's about a contest.

Posted by: dagg on Nov 09, 07 | 2:53 am

What? You're writing a NOVEL A MONTH! Suicide, man, suicide!

Will put in an hour or two over lunch-time today, but have work to prepare - conference presentation next week.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 09, 07 | 10:20 am

A novel a month? Just kill me. Nope, it's a story a month and I think of chapters as stories, you know? It's easier that way.

Who said anything about being a man?

Posted by: dagg on Nov 09, 07 | 11:54 pm

Rhetorical "Man" as in "god" as in "dude". Generic, not necessarily testicularly endowed.

So, Daggy-bottoms, do you have a blog as well, or are you just coming here to harrass my nanowrimo conscience?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 10, 07 | 1:08 am

Nope, no blog. I only have enough words in my brain to write down into stories! The word list shrinks, you know.

Think of me as your literary conscience, the one that asks "what're you waiting for?" That one.

Posted by: dagg on Nov 10, 07 | 4:08 am

sounds like an intellectual trap, but what do i know, sugar? one quesion, will you be posting anymore of your novel online?

Posted by: savannah on Nov 12, 07 | 10:04 pm

An intellectual trap. Encouraging someone is a trap. What a trusting world!

You know E@L, I think you possess two talents: one that involves technical writing ability and another that transmits a clear literary voice. Not every writer can claim this duality.

I find it frustrating, on some level, when a talented writer dicks around, writing on a drink napkin.

Posted by: dagg on Nov 14, 07 | 4:08 am

YOU find it frustrating! You should my collection of napkins... my opus napkorum...

Problems: fear of failure, fear of being unfunny, fear of losing track, fear of just being baaaaaaad. Is there some writing Viagra that makes it work even when you don't know why or how?

Also, busy. All week in Bangkok and never never home before 1am. Pick up at 7:30am. Mind you all the socialising is either night golf or work functions, no playing up!

Attribute #3: skill at finding avoidance excuses.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 15, 07 | 10:37 am

opus napkorum!

I hear what you're saying about the fear(s) and I'm with you on that. Who isn't?

Writing viagra. That would be a couple glasses of red wine, wouldn't it?

Posted by: dagg on Nov 16, 07 | 8:59 am

mmmm some fruity McLarenVale shiraz and some nice cheesey comestables. Atkins friendly of course...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 16, 07 | 1:48 pm


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