Purchase On Reality

Quick update, gotta work.

I bought the 4GB iRiver Clix2 at Funan Centre. Apart from the 'untouchably utmost' clear screen (it's an AMOLED display, an active matrix organic [therefore healthy?] LED) and the fact it plays video, PLUS that it fucked up my copy of Windows at home by trying to install WMP11 onto a pirate version of WinXP, the functionality is VERY similar (i.e. identical) to my old broken HD10.

The navigation controls are nifty though, in that when you want to do something the whole front panel, including the screen, pivots a little to activate your command. Hence the name Clix. You can lock that function so it does not go ballisitic in your pocket and start beaming your porn videos around the round (ha, no chance, it doesn't have Bluetooth like the Samsung P2)

The Thrills of Shopping...

First of all I went to SimLim as I know that Song Bros on the 1st floor used to stock the iRiver range. Not these days. The pimply guy leaning on the counter (no cold this time) sent me up to the 3rd floor. Nobody up there sold MP3 players. What the fuck? Came down again and found iRiver in the several stores just a few shops down from Song Bros - the prick sent me on a wild goose chase... Bastard.

God I love Singapore!

They didn't have the 8GB one, so I thought I'd wait for a few weeks and left without making purchase. When back in the office, I'm thinking, WTF do I need an extra 4GB for? I'm not going to be watching movies on it. I'll go back and pick up the 4GB one.

While I was in the office I got a nod from a trusted reader to go to The Adelphi for any headphone purchases. OMG the HiFi geekery stuff there! It is so unreal; size, technical specifications, ultra-cool designs, price... If I ever win the lottery and need to update the sound system on my luxury yacht, you'll see me there again. Fortunately for my credit rating, all the shops were shutting as it was 8pm so I couldn't take out a loan to buy a new CD player and amp setup... Or get any decent ear-phones.

I jumped the road and ended up at Funan Mall to look for the iRiver in there. One of the guys at the Song Bros there (why did I even bother) sent me up to try on the fifth floor, in Challenger. All Challenger had was iPods. Wankers. So down I come again and, on a floor below Song Bros, I find a small store that seems to specialize in MP3 players. They DID have the 4GB Clix and for about the same price as SimLim - $320, but also no 8GB. Coupla weeks.

"How much would the 8GB one cost?" I asked.

"Around $500, prolly," he answered.

I nodded, like that was an option.

"Wrap this one..."


On a personal B-flat, the Mumsy's operation went reasonably well yesterday. Her BP went up under anaesthetic* so they kept her in Expensive Neglect (aka Intensive Care) overnight, but she woke up afterards relatively coherent... Relatively

"When are they doing my operation?"

"You already had it done it, mum!" says my sister.

At least she woke up, hey? Will call and get the latest update soon.


*Anaesthetic = "without sensation". Numb.

Aesthetics, in contrast is the study of art and beauty, how they affects the senses - because there are some extremely non-numbing and very nice sensations you get contemplating something as lovely as a lithe young woman dancing energetically to the David Garrett version of Carmen Fantasia, just for you, in your own lounge room.

Don't ask. You had to be there... but you weren't... I was...

Get a grip on reality, E@L!

Oh, my crazy life.

This lady obviously has thing about guys who play stringed instruments...

NTS: must get out the guitar more often, and grow my hair...


Damn it, reality purchase coming up... after a few days in Chennai in December, they want me also to fly to Pune on the other side of India to shake some guy's hand. The logistics of this could mean an extra three days in dust, heat and diarrhoea-ville that might chew into my planned holiday home (should I ever get a seat on a plane to Melbourne...)



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 07, 07 | 12:03 pm | Profile


If that Garrett bloke ever gets fed up with fiddling he could stand in for David Beckham.

Posted by: Dick on Nov 08, 07 | 1:32 am

Does he speak in a stupid high voice one wonders...

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 08, 07 | 1:47 am

I'm sure lucky I've never been to India.

Am glad to hear ur mom is OK.

Posted by: Angeline on Nov 08, 07 | 12:17 pm

India isn't really so bad...

OK, yes it is. Think the poorest and most deprived parts of Indonesia and then take away the greenery and the beaches.

The people can be nice (or nasty; very racist and elitist - "We need the slums to give our [often Pakistani immigrant] servants somewhere to live...") and the food is fantastic of course.

Must call mum, thanks for the reminder.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 08, 07 | 12:27 pm


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