Suggestion For Singapore Elevators

A thousand volt current that shoots through any button THAT IS ALREADY LIT!

Stop it with the - DIT - DIT - DIT - DIT - DIT - DIT - you stupid bitch, the door is ALREADY CLOSING.

If I could be bothered (and if you had time, because you're obviously in a huge fucking hurry) I'd explain the concept of the timing circuit which initiates the door closing mechanism either automatically after a given period has elapsed or whenever the button is pressed prior to that elapsed period, JUST ONCE... and that once started it is ALREADY STARTED and doesn't need to be 'started' again with a hundred annoying little fucking jabs...

And get your fucking hand away from the door close button which you have been pressing incessently while I was still approaching the lift in plain view and looking you in the eye. And when I *do* successfully fight the closing doors to enter the elevator despite your most fervent attempts to lock me out, get your fucking hand away so that I can in fact *see* if my floor (storey) has already been indicated or not.

And when you get out of the elevator in front of me after all that urgent button pressing, will you either walk at a normal pace and stop dawdling and meandering - I thought you were in a fucking hurry? - or get out of my fucking way because I want to get somewhere TODAY!

Fucking wanker bitch.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 29, 07 | 4:10 pm | Profile


Bad day?

Posted by: HKMacs on Oct 29, 07 | 5:41 pm

Need a shoulder rub?

Will be heading down to Singapore...early December I think? Hope you'll be there, would be awesome to cuddle you again.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Oct 29, 07 | 7:54 pm

HKMacs: Fine thanks, yours?

exVPS: Yep, certainly do.

From end of November I'm pretty much outta here though - Chicago, Montreal, Chennai, Geelong (yeah you might notice a progression there)... Not back until New Year, except for overnighters between Montreal > Chennia > Geelong to change clothes.

That is, if I can get a flight to Australia - it's incredbily full.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 29, 07 | 9:24 pm

It does amuse me though watching cnuts in HK on the G/F pressing the DOWN button, thinking it will bring the lift DOWN to their floor, when they want to go up. I'm sure you've got plenty of those in SG.

Posted by: HKMacs on Oct 29, 07 | 9:48 pm

I spent over 6 years in HK - I saw it all there first.

Actually Germans are worst - you're on the 17 floor, they press both up and down buttons just trying to get ANY lift. They want to get to the poolside chairs to put their towels down before breakfast...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 29, 07 | 10:06 pm

Pity. Was looking forward to seeing you again. It's been ages. Oh well, if you're ever in Sydney.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Oct 29, 07 | 10:49 pm

If you don't start behaving yourself a little better, you might just have to change your clothes somewhere else!?

Difficult to get flights to Australia (your birthplace)? Oh well...

(still love you - but you've been very testing lately - think we Geelong people might have to bring you back into line, so look out!)

Posted by: Sister on Oct 30, 07 | 12:35 am

good on you, sugar! a little self expression and righteous indignation is good for the liver! or is that the soul?

Posted by: savannah on Oct 30, 07 | 2:47 am

exVPS: I'm trying to get to Melbourne by varous routes. Sydney is one option I am waitlisted on.

Mariah: I'll save it for Xmas dinner.

Sav: the expression we used to ask of a grump: "You got shit on the liver?"

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 30, 07 | 8:52 pm


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