Easing Of Registration Restrictions at E@L? Nuh.

I just got hit by some half a dozen fake comments from some robot spammers again this morning, DESPITE requiring email authentication! How did they manage that? Asshats!

I was all excited before I checked them out: SIX comments! wow! I must have really hit a nerve on the zeitgeist of the core focus of the Internet... [meaning?]

But nah... Just crap.

What the fuck is it with Spammers? Do they really think people are going to click on link in a list of OBVIOIUSLY CRAP SPURIOUS SHIT? Do they think the world and the internet are full of silly, gullible people?



So sorry to the guys and gals who whinged at me on Sunday at the Penny Black about forgetting passwords, using different computers and the like, even though it is obviously not spambot-proof, the current convoluted requirements for membership remain as the threat is still out there... Believe...

Unless of course you can convince me that a ton of spam would be harmless and that seeing as how I can't stop it 100% I should relax the rules and let it all in, anonymous comments, flames, viagra discounts and the rest... it stays the status quo as it is remaining to be exactly at this level without change, at least for now.

Discuss. (Members who have software that helps them recall their passwords only of course.)



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 10:22 am | Profile


I read somewhere that during certain cosmic alignments the instence of spam increases...the perfection of these heavenly bodies imparts a severe gravitational effect that in the houses of certain signs sees rise to certain traits. Or it could be that astral events are fortelling of a certain crabbiness with you this week, or maybe the itch of a certain black-hole is directing people unknown to offer you advice.

Posted by: Indiana on Oct 24, 07 | 11:08 am

You probably read it some Clive Cussler Astral Travel bullshit. I always said you read crap!

And that's it, for mentioning astrological "signs", YOU ARE HENCEFORTH BANNED!

Do NOT come back here, do NOT pass GO, do NOT mention Astrology ever again...

The only *sign* I will accept if people are talking about astrology is that even considering to contemplate it is the sign of a weak mind...

I am trying to free up my life from the influences of the mentally and spiritually confused. You, dear sir, are the first to go...

Just try and post comment or log in now, smarty-Indy-pants!!

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 11:18 am

Well someone who is so anti-heavenly bodies, you had no problem eyeing us as many as you could when we last caught up...

...and that was you walking along the river warbling "Fly me to the Moon...", wasn't it?

Posted by: Indiana on Oct 24, 07 | 11:27 am

Hey, how did you get in here?

Are you using some hex, some charm (is if!), some astral wizardy and new-age magic to overcome the many electro-bureaucratic obstacles I placed in your path???

Damn you...

Damn you all to HHHEEEEeeeeeeeellllllll!

I suppose that means I owe you $200?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 11:32 am

Hey, new word - "electrocracy"! Copyright to ME!

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 11:35 am

Actually I was singing "You Can't Touch This", because Spike mentioned some girl in weird ballooney thighed pants.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 11:43 am

well, sugar, i can only comment on your lovely blog when i use safari, as i don't remember my password. where you really singing?

Posted by: savannah on Oct 24, 07 | 11:55 am

Birds were stunned, falling from the sky, from their safe perches in trees... Locals were bemused, nonplussed, inscrutable. Friends were shocked and horrified. Luckily for them all, it was only for one chorus. I had contributed significantly to the Jack Daniels denouement.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 12:15 pm

p.s. there are software tools you can use for storing passwords on-line, MAC or PC.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 24, 07 | 12:18 pm

Or you could just keep the email where you sent the password :)

Posted by: Mia on Oct 24, 07 | 7:36 pm

i sent an email?

Posted by: savannah on Oct 24, 07 | 10:45 pm

i meant "were" not "where", dammit..i hate that sort of typo...but on the other where were you singing, sugar? or must i click on that link to find out the true story?

Posted by: savannah on Oct 24, 07 | 10:48 pm

Mia: that doens't help if it a non-webmail and you change computers. You could also use a memorable password, like a nickname or a birthday, you know; something unbreakable.

Sav: you would have been sent a confirmatory email when you first joined E@L blog. btw Typos are a given and are forgiven on blogs - we know what you meant.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 25, 07 | 12:51 am

ok...damn, now which email did i use?

Posted by: savannah on Oct 25, 07 | 3:19 am

Did you ever think about using a plug in like Askimet. It does a pretty good job of keeping the SPAM away from me. But then, more people (like Gahmen) read you................

Posted by: Skippy-san on Oct 27, 07 | 8:28 am


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