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Saw a reference to Globalistan and read this review...

This book describes in apt detail the minimalist morality and crass materialism of the glitzy and high tech age of mass consumerism and "disposability" that has come to characterise the world since the world's second incarnation of "British" power, the US Imperium, won the cold war back at the end of 1991 and took on its final form which people commonly refer to as "neo-con". This initiated the present violent epoch of chaos characterised by the typical but merciless Anglo robber capitalism at its peak that can be summed up as a "dog-eat-dog" creed of selfishness, greed, apathy, cynicism and devil-may-care ignorance. Its policies have caused social decay and explosive upheaval and instability leading to breakdown of order in backward countries and cultures - as we are witness to here in Pakistan. The Anglo powers and the West in general support corrupt westernised ruling elites in Third World countries that suck the blood of their own people, but who maintain a local status quo favourable to the interests their Western patrons and masters. For this, these toady elites are awarded a place at their masters'grand table. The West once even supported militant Islam as a geopolitical tactic (against their Soviet rivals) - till 2001 that is, when it turned around and bit its master like some diseased dog on 9/11. That is why Al-Qaeda exists today. Nowadays, as a result of all these policies and actions, within a short span of just fifteen years, the world has ended up as a dangerous, explosive and uncertain place which is on the boil as never before in recorded Human history. It is a sad fact that nowadays the only effective opposition to Anglo-American "globalism" comes from raving Islamist fanatics. It is clear that globalism as it exists is destined for destruction. We only hope that it doesn't take the world, as well as modern (European) mankind's positive technological, scientific and cultural achievements along with it. This globalism is surely the forerunner of the future system of all mankind; but it is defective and will need destruction and replacement after the rapacious Anglo powers are defeated, shorn from it and done to the dust. Then only can a true Eurasian-African-American global dispensation of the whole of humanity replace it. From a review on Amazon.

Now that we know how this guy feels anyone else want to chip in with their tuppence worth??



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 23, 07 | 2:32 am | Profile


OK I'll have a go. There's no doubt the colonial powers take the prize for 'merciless Anglo robber capitalism at its peak that can be summed up as a "dog-eat-dog" creed of selfishness, greed, apathy, cynicism and devil-may-care ignorance'...we make pretty damn good hypocrites too. On the other hand I can't see an Asian/African 'global dispensation' being much less rapacious.

Posted by: Dick on Oct 23, 07 | 3:38 am

I'll take the contraian point of view. The colonial era ended too soon. Despite all of its flaws in the end the British Empire did more good for the developing world than it caused problems and the real issue with globalization is because the colonies were given up too soon.

As result, the nations evolved on their own. Some did well, others fell into a predicable trap.

Today-the real issues that I see are the fact that the trading field is not level. Nations like China, India, and others have no qualms about condeming a significant portion of their populations to a substandard existence to ensure that wages stay low and they can compete. As for the Gulf States they have dysfunctional economies because they can us the labor of those disenfranchised folks from PI, Bangaladesh and other places to prop up their status quo.

The net result? The seeds of terrorism are still there. GWB and every one else can crow about taking the fight to the enemy in Iraq-but unless the world attacks the seeds of the problem: 1) Islam and 2) economic disparity-the threat from terrorism will never diminish.

Which leads to a disturbing conclusion. My American brethern are overly willing to defend the right of a select few to be incredibly greedy simply because they want to be a part of that privledge group themselves.

Unless we do something to level the living conditions of the worlds population and thus make the appeal of Islam irrelevant-things are going to get worse not better.

Kind of long but its what I think.

Posted by: Skippy-san on Oct 23, 07 | 10:25 am

The first era of Globalisation, the laissez-faire Afro-Asian land-grab and the genocidal exploitation of the mid-late 19th century ("Belgians in the Congo, short memory, must have a... shor-or-ort memory...") led directly to the squabbles which bubbled into the First World War.

Free Trade was not the answer, but the problem, then as now. Shove your Lexus and your Olive Tree up your arse. France's biggest trading partner in the 1st decade of last century was Germany. The myth that high levels of trade prevent war should have gone out the window, but it hasn't.

In fact it was the Trading Companies that started the whole thing rolling... supported by the Governments who went along for the (taxable) ride. British colonialism was a parson's egg for most of the countries, setting up infrastructure and process for the export of raw materials, but not the real wealth-generating industry that would allow long-term planning for independence for those colonised. The void that de-colonisation left in Asia was filled by the Asian Godfathers, opportunistic ex-lackeys who took over the cash-farms and then set-up banks to loan to themselves to fund their expansion greed. The poor farmer never had a chance, no wonder he is pissed off... Their (often Islamic) propaganda points the finger at Amercian corporatism these days, but it is really those Asian billionaires and their corporations which have continued the blood from stone extraction of money (through thier labour) from the poor since the British, Dutch, Portugese and American/Spanish left...

In conclusion, we should not be surprised that again the collusion and complicity of Government and big business has resulted in global conflicts and a widening income-gap. That's all it ever has done.

Further reading: The hypnotic clarity of false choices...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 23, 07 | 12:34 pm

Ah but don't throw the baby of Government out with the bathwater of collusion...

JR Saul says: "...And we'd be celebrating in that case the end of the nations, that governments were finished with that terrible interference that governments have in the freedom of men and women. We'd be talking as if the destruction of the power of government was in victory for the citizens - a bit of logic which has always somehow escaped me, since governments are in fact the only structure of power which citizens actually have."

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 23, 07 | 12:37 pm

Let's face it folks we're all very nice individually but collectively we're a cancer on the planet.

Posted by: Dick on Oct 23, 07 | 11:07 pm

Nearly bought a copy of Crowds And Power at the 20% sale at Kinokuniya too but the queue was too long.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 23, 07 | 11:17 pm


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