Edwardian Pedophile Still At Large!


Original caption:
Uncle Jim: What do you think of this, Young Teddy?
Young Teddy: It won't look so impressive once the chemical castration takes effect, you freakin' pervert...

Advanced image processing reconstructive techniques were used by Interpol and E@L (ACDsee) to bring back the dastardly visage of this heinous pederast...

You can always tell by their eyes...

If you see this man, call



Original image from this nauseatingly cute kiddies book of modern moral fables here.


Posted by: expat@large on Oct 22, 07 | 1:42 pm | Profile


Bloody hell he looks like my old headmaster! I hope they catch him soon.

Posted by: Dick on Oct 23, 07 | 12:07 am

Before or after the spiralization?

The cunning cad, headmaster in a boy's school! How perversely tempting for him, all those naughty boys needing to be spanked for setting fire to the school and shooting with machine-guns at the teachers from the rooftops as they (the boys, not the teachers) fornicate precociously with exceptionally naked women...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 23, 07 | 1:21 am

Actually, looking back, I'm not sure about the headmaster but some of the other teachers were definitely not above fondling the odd bottom. Not overtly of course but the funny thing is nobody thought much of it in my day. Probably explains why my generation is so sexually confused.

Posted by: Dick on Oct 23, 07 | 3:32 am


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