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Question Of The Week?: Why are Japanese girls all so incredibly pigeon toed? They almost trip over their own pudgy legs as they trundle along. Yet to see a pretty one. Yet to see one smiling or even looking pleasant.

[Addendum: E@L is certainly not the first to raise this topic. The indefatigable Dick Headley has found some other discussions here and here and here. I suppose if I had thought to Google research the topic in depth I could have found this stuff myself! But I didn't. ]

I remember on my first trip to Japan, the stony-faced, ultra-made-up wife of the O&G Dr I was visiting telling me how Japanese women are the most beautiful in Asia because their natural beauty shines through with their ever-smiling happy faces... Did't I think so, too?

Her severe look said if I didn't agree I would be served up as sushi for the next corporate dinner...


I am trying to get back early from Tokyo and this incredible waste of time opportunity to learn more about our exciting new range of products... Really guys, next time, send me the Powerpoints, I'll work it out for myself.

All the Europeans are so jet-lagged they are useless, the Chinese are lost in the translation and those of us from Singapore have already seen and used these machines twice, so it's boring as all fuck.

The hotel is miles from the office/factory, a train and a bus-ride away; like Japanese salary-lemmings we shuffle aboard, fall asleep on each other's shoulders and wake magically at the appropriate station, falling off the daily cliff one after the other. It's in the middle of nowhere. There is no night-life apart from our corporate functions, no chance for sight-seeing or shopping. The highlight of the day is a bitching session over a cafe-moccha at the Exce****or Caffe (the neon lights on the middle letters are broken) at 10pm.

The food for breakfast at the hotel and during the day at the office is terrible pseudo-Western: cold hamburger in white bread sandwiches for lunch. Gaark! Tomorrow I'm going to the staff cafeteria and have some ginseng soup and raw egg over rice, like the laborers. Mm-mm can't wait!

But we can't be seen to not be interested and enthusiastic as the big bosses and the engineers are all hovering. Somehow I have to convince them that I need to fly on Friday.

How's this for an excuse: Saturday I'm still waitlisted, but Friday the seat is already confirmed.

*punches air* Yes!

Then an email beeps in from the boss in Singapore. Block the second week of December: "we" could be going to Chennai!

*punches mirror* NNnnnoooooooo!!!



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 17, 07 | 6:33 pm | Profile


Man if you are not seeing beautiful women here-you don't know where to look. If you are in Tokyo try taking the train over to Ebisu and go to some of the live clubs in the Roob building. You will see some beauty to behold.

If you are over in Kaihi Makahari-well its a little tougher to make some fun there.

Posted by: Skippy-san on Oct 17, 07 | 10:59 pm

I am in Tachikawa, it's like chubby short-arsed schoolgirl and over made-up phone-card tout central... Not here for fun, and its living up to it. The Europeans, gradually coming out of their time-lapse, are talking about an all-nighter on Friday in Roppongi, but I'll be in Duxton Hill or Panorama Hotel by then...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 18, 07 | 12:18 am

when are you going to chicago? or are you? (yeah, i have a few suggestions about places to see)

Posted by: savannah on Oct 19, 07 | 11:02 am

I'll post my schedule for all to see...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 20, 07 | 1:49 pm


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