I Still Miss The Mouse

Having Izzy in the house means that I find myself doing the dishes [my dishes not hers] (slightly) more than twice a month and all sorts of other domestic stuff...

Having a part-time maid coming once a week isn't enough when I am in town, the washing-up and the ironing accumulate... Life can be a bummer when your favorite shirt has been in the laundry-bin since last Friday!

If only The Mouse was back! It used to be SO nice having breakfast ready as you came out of the bedroom in the morning, having dinner ready in the evening, having your financial statements sorted, your shopping done, all electrical equipment running smoothly (she was Bachelor of Electrical Engineering), your teddy-bear fluffed and placed on your pillow, the holes in your underpants stitched, and your library catalogued, critiqued and fully collated.

But as Izzy is in the only other habitable room (due to my continual aggregation of junk) where would she sleep?


[addendum - watching the Neil Young video, at one point (about 1 minute in, the scene with his face superimposed over his hands playing the piano) the view of his hands is reversed; that's the bass notes he's playing, with his left hand, on the lower half of the shot although it appears to be his right hand! WTF? Note that he puts his drink down on the left side of the piano, and at the end, picks it up on the right.]


Posted by: expat@large on Oct 14, 07 | 3:02 am | Profile


Hey! I do my own dishes.... I swear to god...

Posted by: isabella on Oct 14, 07 | 11:59 am

And often you do mine as well, which is why I fell guilty! Sorry, no accusations intended -- I didn't really mean "accumulate", I was referring to those rare aoccassions when I do some cooking and I habitually leave piles of dirty pots and plates all around the place, not you!

If we had The Mouse, we wouldn't have to do any freakin' houswork at all is my point...

And by "where would *she* sleep" I meant The Mouse, not you, LOL.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 14, 07 | 12:52 pm

Keeping out of the 'domestics' there...

But gorgeous to see and hear Neil Young again. Love that song, and also his 'Heart of Gold' - probably eventually found it actually - although he's the furthest thing from a Neil Young type!

Whatever happened to my 'Harvest' album BTW? Hmm...

PS: I need a maid too - and I'm a woman!!

Posted by: Sister on Oct 14, 07 | 8:11 pm

Harvest:I think No1 son might have it, but it would be so worn out by now... forget it. I've been meaning to get the CD for 15 years but haven't gotten around to it.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 14, 07 | 11:12 pm


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