Further on the God, Death thing, but briefly

A classic example of my theory that there is no need for a God if you don't believe in immortality is the entire Buddhist religion. The aim of Buddhism is to ESCAPE the cycle of the reincarnation of your life. To achieve enlightenment is to never get born again. The desired goal of your life is to end this time around.

Here you have a religion without a metaphysical authoritarian deity figure, without an external source for human morality.

I am not a Buddhist myself, but you see that it is possible for a major world religion to deny the immortality of the soul and the presence of God. I'm not Robinson Crusoe on this. Apart from the fact that you'll get shot at in Burma if you're wearing a monk's robes, and that if you fuck up badly you'll be a cockroach for the next 20 cycles, it's not that bad a religion in my book. And my book of approved religions is a small one...

Sorry, forgot to mention this last night.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 09, 07 | 6:41 pm | Profile


Of course there is another problem-what if the Deity is as mean spirited and unfair as the holy books make Him out to be?

Which gets to the central problem of religion to begin with-what I call the Job paradox: Why, if we are so loved by the deity, does God allow death in the first place and B) suffering and disease to enter a world that is constrained by death?

For that matter why only 3 score and 10? Why not 300 and 10?

And now you see the subtle anger that lurks beneath the surface ever since I was sitting in Baptist pulpits in Charleston...a long time a go and a galaxy far away.

Posted by: Skippy-san on Oct 09, 07 | 8:47 pm

Answer is easy.

There is no God, never was, you have been conned.

Other people are, as a rule, fucked, but they often respond favorably to politeness.

Life can be shit if you were born in the wrong country, in skin with the wrong melatonin deposiits, in the wrong century, to the wrong parents.

The anger? Build a bridge, get over it.

Play golf, enjoy, be nice, don't drink the water... this life is not a rehearsal.

Your anti-Guru has spoken...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 10, 07 | 12:12 am


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