Did You Feel Like Jesus?

The guitar riff from the Steely Dan track Kid Charlemagne (where the line in this post's title comes from) was written by Larry Carlton. According to my notes from the concert tonight, it was rated one of the best 3 riffs in rock music by Rolling Stone. It is definitely one of the tightest songs ever, SD at their peak in my opinion... but they peaked with every album really...

Song lyrics | Kid Charlemagne lyrics

Larry played his instrumental version tonight and you really didn't need to sing along to the brilliant lyrics (you wonder who the drug wonder-boy actually was?), the guitar work was so brilliant. [Note: You too can play like Larry!]

This guy is a champion in our eyes.... The best in town tonight! Kick-arse tight jazz-rock with a solid blues feel all night. Think a mix between the best of Steely Dan and the rhythm and blues of a rockin' BB King! The only similar concert I have seen was in 1976 or so - it *WAS* Mr BB King himself, playing with HIS ultra-tight brass section!

Carlton was always smiling and bopping his bowlegs away - he really seems to enjoy himself up there. Then technical tragedy struck! He was playing so hot he blew up his amp! In the middle of a deeply impressive blues song he had to put his 1969 Gibson ES 335 down and change to his acoustic guitar ('84 Valley Arts) which was wired to a different amp set-up, but he just kept shredding on till the song ended.

He then had the house-lights turned up and chatted to the audience and when he ran out of things to say (he's a musician not a salesman) he did an impromptu solo number while the replacement amp (Fender double reverb) for his Gibson was brought in..

Here is LC on that acoustic guitar playing Minute by Minute (this version won a Grammy Award) with a slightly different line-up of the Sapphire Blues Band who played tonight. His son Travis was playing bass as well, brilliantly I might add.

Unfortunately he played only one song after the amp was replaced and the 90 minutes were up much too soon. He then did two extra songs for the single encore but the pacing of the concert was really thrown by that technical hiccup. But still, it was great music. I bought a best-of CD and lined up to get it signed... No photos of me with the man, sorry.

Note: weird. No-one in front of me (I had a good view over the entire stalls from the lower foyer seats) was even nodding their heads in time to the music, they just sat there rigid until the songs ended and then they clapped genrously and hoot-called; but while the music was going there was only old head-banger me, slapping my knees, throwing the body around, ready to get up on the seat... ah, but zis is Singapore, ve don't dance on seats here!

Or is it always like that with jazz fans?


The really freaky thing about the whole concert for me was that without his patent mullet haircut (as he had in the 70's and 80's as I remember him) from the distance and in the glare of the spotlight, the MPB short-trimmed grey-haired Larry looked the spitting image of my old boss in Sydney!

Larry (nice shirt!) and the Mullet

image image
My old boss (Prof BT) and the new (old) Larry - separated at birth or what?!

I just couldn't get the image of BT playing the guitar like that out of my head, I was almost laughing as I tapped along...



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 07 | 1:41 am | Profile


I suppose you know Steely Dan are named after a dildo in Naked Lunch...of course you do...everybody does.

Posted by: Dick on Oct 01, 07 | 3:40 am

bravo for you! good music MAKES you move and to fight it denies the listener part of the joy! can i ge t a "yeah, baby?"

Posted by: savannah on Oct 01, 07 | 5:13 am

Dick: haven't we had this conversation?

Sav: spontaneous generation of moves - very groovy songs... I don't know how they could sit so still!

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 07 | 11:47 am


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