I have been in [oops, did I say nine] eight countries in the past three weeks.

France, Austria, Germany (lost luggage in Frankfurt), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia.

Some of these have not provided the most "up-to-date" internet facilities i.e. free wifi... Like, in fact any connectivity at all would have good.

In some of them I have just been plain busy.

Normal ranting will resume shortly.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 23, 07 | 1:05 am | Profile


Well, you should be happy, having beaten Collingwood while giving them an ever so tantalisingly brief glimpse of glory only to snatch it cruelly away when they felt it nestling in the palm of their hand.

And tonight, the appendix wins the Charlie Brownlow by 7 votes. surely the planets have aligned, the Gods are smiling and there till be satisfied pussies all over the world by Saturday night. Must be the case as GF tickets can't be got legally. Mind you $3G on feeBay may just get u one.

And just to sign off.

Two Collingwood supporters die of heart attacks as the Pies hit the front last Friday night. They arrive at the Pearly Gates to be greeted by St Peter. One asks " Are Collingwood supporters allowed in Heaven?" St Peter replies, "I don't know, we've never had any before. Wait here. I'll just go ask The Lord."

St Peter finds God and says, "My Lord, I've got two Collingwood supporters at the Pearly Gates and they want to know if they can come in. Can they?" The Lord replies, "There is no discrimination here Peter, of course they are welcome. Go back to the Pearly Gates, let them in and bring them to meet me."

St Peter goes off and comes back five minutes later and says, "My Lord they've gone!" God replies, "Don't be silly Peter, where could two people go here?" St Peter replies, " No, My Lord, not the Collingwood supporters. The Pearly Gates are gone"

Posted by: Pete3859 on Sep 24, 07 | 10:44 pm

Ho ho.

Jimmy Bartel's mum used to teach Nat in school, she was a brilliant teacher.

(explanation: Geelong [my team] player, Bartel won the Brownlow Medal for the Best player in the 2007 Australian Football League season even though he missed the last two games!)

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 24, 07 | 11:20 pm


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