My friend with renal colic is still in hospital after being banged by the "big banger" - his kidney stone was crushed in the lithotripter ("litho" = stone, "tripsy" = pounding). He had some residual utreteric spasm (more pain) so they kept him in longer. He should be out today and fly back to Oz tomorrow.

I've been held up at this demo, sitting in the Dr's patient waiting room, patiently waiting for patients who are suitable for 3D baby pictures... and not got any more of my crucial Powerpoint done. Reading 'The Tragedy of Tristan and Iseult.'

I fly out tonight and still haven't printed out directions to my hotel yet, nor the list of all the graves in all the cemeteries I intend to visit, nor directions to the Hotel Schloss in Mondsee, near Salzburg, where the wedding I am attending will be held.

Haven't checked the weather, doing it now...

Don't even start me on packing... Because I haven't started. The clothes aren't even ironed...



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 30, 07 | 9:32 am | Profile


The lithotripsy's not exactly unpleasant, especially when they shoot you up with some morphine-like drug.

Just had 2 sessions where they blasting 11 stones in the left kidney. 2 more for the right... God only knows how many they'll find in there

Posted by: pc on Aug 30, 07 | 10:27 am

Oh.. I'm not the renal colic chap :o)

Posted by: pc on Aug 30, 07 | 10:27 am

PC: didn't think you were moving to Oz! Sorry to hear about your kidney stones. I have had them too, but did not require litho. Pethidine is what they commonly give here - it is metabolised similarly to morphine by the body but is also quite addictive, so no real advantage over real opiates. It is also supposed to be antispasmodic, but my pain got worse after I had it, so that's crap. Nowadays in Australia I beleive they tend to go straight to morphine.

My friend found the lithotripsy very painful, plus he was vomiting all the time. It depends on how dense the stones are what level of shock-wave intensity they hit you with. It can feel like there is a small horse inside trying to kick its way out! His kidney was blocked by the stone, so maybe there was more inflammation as well.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 30, 07 | 2:31 pm

Hope you got your ironing done, and got away okay.

Kidney stones - been there - Agony! Pethidine was wonderful to say the least. I think the pain relief enables the body to relax enough to pass the stone - that's what I was told 25 years ago anyway!

Posted by: Sister on Aug 30, 07 | 10:11 pm

i'm hoping you're reading this in paris...have a coffee for me ;) at la coupole

Posted by: savannah on Aug 31, 07 | 11:04 pm

Take your time. Those famous graves aren't going anywhere.

Posted by: Dick on Sep 01, 07 | 1:06 am

Maria: ironing done. As I said, according to the Wikipedia, that "relaxing" or anti-spasm effect of pethidine may not be true.

Sav: je suis dans Paris, je avez une residence, je habite la, in the Montparnasse... and my feet are not so bad despite wandering (flaneuring) all through St Germain and St Michel today...

Only one museum so far, Delacroix's home.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 01, 07 | 1:14 am

Dick: funny you should say that: I popped into the world's most pretentious second(and first)-hand bookstore this arvo, Shakespeare & Company, where the sales-snob-girl was talking loudly to a colleague about all the discount books she had ordered for the shop on-line from Borders... and when I asked she claimed never to have heard of "Permanent Parisians" - the one and only book about how the dead live in Paris! Qu'elle horreur! They did have the 'On The Road' Scroll (as a book) - not sure if it's the first or second draft though.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 01, 07 | 1:25 am

Mon Dieu! Est-ce que 'j'avez et j'habite'? Mais c'est parce que tu jeste, n'est-ce pas? (can't remember what "you joke" is in French, so I jest quand je dit 'jeste'.)

That's as good as it gets in regard to my Fourth Form French in 1970!

How are you doing with the language there yourself?

Posted by: Sister on Sep 02, 07 | 8:29 pm

Mariah: you are assuming I am talking to live people! Apart form a quite trip through the Left Bank, I have only been to the Cimetiere and to the Catacombs so far! Everyone there is dead!

Managed to get my lunch ordered though. Cette (pointing) et cette (pointing). Beer is pretty universal too.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 03, 07 | 1:14 am


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