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Shit, it all happens at once...

Have to actually WORK today, twice! At the University in the morning, (I have now finished there, though it was a tough case), and again at a private clinic at the afternoon for a demo. That one will continue tomorrow.

PLUS a handyman is supposed to come this morning and replace one of the door frames which has been entirely masticated away internally by white-ants and is crumbling... as it has been doing for years. (All of a sudden the landlord wants this done, to show she REALLY cares, so that she can jack my rent up next year...) The handyman is 40 mins late, and so I am sitting round blogging this to kill time at home...

PLUS there is this Powerpoint I was asked to prepare three months ago for training that's happening in three weeks, and of course I only started yesterday (you want to maintain a sense of freshness and vibrancy, right?) ... and now I have this demo to go to so I won't be in the office after all this week... This means I'll have to work on the PPT while I am in Paris!


PLUS I have had a friend stopping over for a few days on his way back to Oz after some work in Germany... and he's gone into labour this morning with a kidney stone! He's suffering from renal colic and had to be admitted!

I have to be everywhere, be all things to all people... What a martyr!



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 28, 07 | 12:25 pm | Profile


Oh, shit! Called the handyman: "Is Wednesday (tomorrow) one for appointment Mr Pillip, lor!" Off to Mt E to see my friend...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 28, 07 | 12:55 pm

*thinking a nice brie would go well with this....*

one step at a time, sugar *big smiles here for you*

Posted by: savannah on Aug 28, 07 | 10:10 pm


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