Holy Fuck - Sorry 'Bout That Chief...

We nearly had a shit-load more ch-ch-ch-ch-changes at GHQ tonight than E@L had planned for! Like we were all nearly out on the streets!

Got a midnight phone-call from my landlord wondering why his mortgage payment had bounced... He wasn't too happy. Threatened to come down to Singapore (he's in HK) and "sort it out." I hope he meant with the bank, not with a gun to my kneecaps...

He had looked up his statements and realised that he has not had a rental payment from mild-mannered non-embezzling E@L since March. I guess I can understand his perplexed and vexatious state ...

Fossicking around for my little OCBC 2FA gadget, trying not to confuse it with my two HSBC 2FA gadgets and call up the wrong self-destructing code number... I checked my account history since March. Yep, he's right. No transfers from my bank to his bank except for this month of August, from an instruction received on the 4th July... Funny I don't recall going on-line to set up anything last month. I did that AGES ago, in fact, wasn't it back in April? I would have had to re-do those automatic payment instructions back in April because OCBC only allows you to set-up recurring transactions for a maximum of six-months in advance.

What I figure is that I set my automatic monthly payment up on 7/4 but keyed in the date wrongly and triggered it to start on the 4/7 instead of straight away. For my American readers, that means I set my automatic payment up on 4/7 and triggered it to start on 7/4. Holy fucking date formats Batman, how did I get that wrong? Shit. Form-filling skills failure!

For my landlord that means he's fucked up with the bank and his mortgage. They are going to be pissed... He must think I'm a total dickhead.

For me it means that after I catch up on the rent, my SGD current account will be down to single figures (not counting those last three zeros), so a bit of extra cash from the new flatmate will be required to keep the maid happy and ironing!

No wonder I've been feeling flush with cash lately. Looks like I'll have to delay that foray into the world of MacBooks I was dreaming about last night... And I'll be living on baguettes and cheap wine in Paris. Again.


It shouldn't affect that certain investment opportunity in HK though...



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 22, 07 | 1:33 am | Profile


You're buying a bar in Wanchai?

Posted by: Indiana on Aug 22, 07 | 6:46 am

No, just setting up a shuttle flight service for a load of Russian hookers out from and back to Vladivostok. Nothing illegal or immoral, as our pilot is certified and the plane hasn't crashed once.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 22, 07 | 10:49 am


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