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Paris - Je t'aime, hopefully...

Any suggestions for a good region to stay in Paris? I am there for a week, alone, sigh. Need to make a booking soon as I arrive on the 31st - at 7am! Lucky, (ha, money is what works better) I am flying Business Class, what!

Ah Pay-reeeeee.........

Les book-stalls on Montmarte, les Pigs on the Alle, les Jardins of the Plants, les Banks sur le Left, le coffee shop where Jim would have a white wine or several with Sam (wondering whether he would make un beau gendre), watching red-haired girls in le Bois de Bolognaise with Marcel, climbing le Truimph de la Jeanne D'Arc, Shakespeare & Co Pty Ltd, partiring for un voyage au bout de la nuit avec Dr Destouches, stuffing la Beavoir de Simone, je being un rock star, painting Le Moulin rouge, the awful feeling of What-if-Eiffel off the Tower, hunching my back at Our Lady, best of times worst of times, storming the Bastille with that topless lady only to find De Sade had checked out last week (which he did), capturing the essence of Paris dans une parfum parfait, batard fromage and vin at the Louvre...

and then going back to the farm? I don't pense so!



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 01, 07 | 3:22 pm | Profile


THIS is the best guide to paris! my favorite area is the montparnasse! check out the hotel buci in st germain des pres...

Posted by: savannah on Aug 02, 07 | 10:13 pm

Montparnasse is where I was concentrating my search. This will be my first time. Friends are now talking about Cuba for Christmas, and then sailing in Croatia next year (some other friends just came back last week, said it was gorgeous). Damn my life is getting boring.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 03, 07 | 12:11 am

i'll email some hotel recommendations, if you'd like. i'm so impressed (jealous) by your boredom/ennui, sugar ;) or maybe we should just trade travel stories/plans

Posted by: savannah on Aug 03, 07 | 5:38 am


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