BFD, yar?

Other than sharing a birthday with my son's girlfriend and her twin sister, E@L is *exactly* the same age as Frances McDormand!

Doesn't that just make you want to shout, BIG FUCKING DEAL!?

"Yar, you have no call to get snippy with me, I'm just doing my job here."



Also Giambattista Vico, pioneer of one theory of the cyclical nature of history- the divine, the heroic, and the human. Topic of Beckett's essay: "Dante...Bruno, Vico...Joyce".

Also - get this: Alan Turing, Anna Akhmatova, Alfred Kinsey, Len Hutton, Brian Brown and Colin Montgomerie. So I am a genius poet sexologist cricketer actor golfer...


Yep, I'm bored. MM didn't turn up for his promised game of chess.

Ill just have to whip his arse online...

And my pirate copy of Perfume cra-cra-cracked up hal-hal-half-wa-wa-way through. Plus as it was a Thai version, all shy and demure, all the girls tits were blurred out! Now I'll have to get a real version. Maybe in Jakarta... BTW people on the film discussion boards in IMDB are, as rule, total wankers: of the "I hate it, you're a wanker", "I love it, YOU're the wanker" variety.

Another must see Alan Rickman fillum for Isabella.



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 25, 07 | 11:45 pm | Profile

OTHER MONKEYS SAID he didnt show, did YOU do shots anyway?

see what happens when you pirated copies????

do you really pronounce "f-i-l-m" fill-um

Posted by: savannah on Jul 26, 07 | 9:28 am


1. I drank a bottle of shiraz...

2. This is Asia, last bastion of endemic piracy, aarrggh! You ever tried to sail the straits of Malacca, or around Indonesia without paying off the pirates first? You think I am joking? Nope. Around Somalia and Bangladesh are also bad areas.

3. No, I only type it that way, assuming 99% of my readers do. Mouth-breathers, lip moving when reading types.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 26, 07 | 10:54 am

More piracy! This is excellent.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 26, 07 | 10:55 am

More piracy!

my first correction , sugar you taught me well

Posted by: savannah on Jul 26, 07 | 11:11 pm

i love the "idea" of pirates, but not the reality...i've heard horror stories from people who've dealt with them in person...

re shiraz..sounds delish! i was drinking harps

Posted by: savannah on Jul 26, 07 | 11:14 pm

One missing backslash! am I to be forever branded over this one lapse, godhelpme!!!! forgive meeee, forgiiiiiiiiive me! OK edit, fixed.

The shiraz seems to have disappeared? I am sure there was full bottle somewhere... now there's just this empty one...

Harp is OK, but I prefer something more substantial, like a Guinness or a Boddingtons when I am not having a Hoegaarden. A really nice beer is Roggen, a Bavarian rye from Thurn und Taxis brewery (now owned by Paulaner).

Mmmm, beer....

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 27, 07 | 12:01 am

i like all of those, as well..but harp was here

(aw, come on...let me savor the moment...just once, sugar, ok?)

Posted by: savannah on Jul 27, 07 | 1:51 am


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