Paris Axolotl: Axolotl Blogger

Are bloggers at risks of becoming axolotls? That's a question I've often been asked, surprisingly enough, though not on this planet. The bloggers of the planet Xervte of course did become axolotls, although as here on earth, it was only a larval, semi-translucent stage.

Bloggers sit outside the window of life, like the character in Cortazar's story, obsessed with the immense depths of stupidity in the golden eyes of these intermediate creatures. They stare and they stare, the bloggers, they come back every day to press their faces to the glass of the display of humanity/axolotlty. Waiting for a sign of intelligence, of recognition, of awareness of being watched. But so profound is the speciousness of the axolotl that they only sit there. Their job is to be watched. It's like they are famous...

And they are, because the bloggers watch...

Through a trick of literary metamorphosis, the axolotl become a watcher, a blogger and the real blogger loses interest instantly (or does he lose his personality, his humanity, his soul?), his attention span that of the axolotl itself.


A journalists literally burns the story she is asked to read on the insecure, rich and "famous" woman coming out of prison after 20 mins of "life-changing" incarceration.

This is not news, this sort of frivolous data is longer news, she says. You are not famous any more. This is my power. I am the arbiter of "famous". Go away, you are now an axolotl. Maybe you always were, looking blankly back out at the camera not understanding the true simplicity of your totally un-ironic vapidity.

You are insecure because with the flick of my lighter, you become just another axolotl forever - empty-eyed, feather-headed, dumb and transparent.

image image
Separated at parthenogenesis?
(Axolotl Hilton, here seen painting the naked body of her younger axolotl sister, a very axolotolic pasttime...)


(Guinness Book of Records, please call: I have not typed the word 'axolotl' correctly once in this entire stupid post.)


Posted by: expat@large on Jul 24, 07 | 11:52 pm | Profile


she's D2M

Posted by: savannah on Jul 25, 07 | 8:15 am

btw, sugar, are you back home now? or still traveling?

Posted by: savannah on Jul 25, 07 | 8:16 am

She 2DuM!

Home till tomorrow. The last of my five July days at home will be spent preparing for a presentation early this evening and then having a game of chess with Mike tonight.

Question: what sort of nibbles and drinks for a chess match? I'm thinking shots of tequila for him, cranberry juice for me.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 25, 07 | 1:12 pm

lol@dumb...but dead to me (d2m)

very good, tequilla shots and something salty so he'll do more shooters, get drunk and play poorly ;)

Posted by: savannah on Jul 25, 07 | 1:59 pm


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