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Didgers Miss Me?

Sorry mates, jeez, I forgot to tell youse that I wouldn't be bloggering over the weekend, ya know, cause I went, I went, I went, I just flew to Austrayaia!

It was bonza and ripper, crikey, strike a light, 'cause I had my first ever 50eff birfdee pardee! Strewth, youse shoulda bin there! Everyone got pissed as a newt and...


And truly we had the BEST EVER CHOCOLATE CAKE I've tasted... I'm serious about that! Pat, you are a brilliant!...

Thanks a true-blue Aussie million to my sister Paula and my brother-in-law Doug for hosting the party at their very freshly spruced-up place in Leopold. Leopold!!! (c.f. some Bugs Bunny cartoon). There were about 50(!) of my closest acquaintances friends and family, and we were drinking and eating singing and dancing and eating and drinking and more eating, but mostly drinking and there was so much catch up gossip you wouldn't believe...

So I'm not going to tell you...

It was a fun night and everyone told me they enjoyed themselves... They could be lying though. And I thank them all for braving the cold of Victoria (it was 10°C)

I hope the festivities in Singapore continue at the same high standard at a secret venue in the sun...


p.s. I didn't bring my camera and no-one seemed to have sent me any publishable photos yet, so you'll have to wait.

p.p.s. By the way did I mention it was Freaking Cold!

p.p.p.s. And on the flight home, I thought of my current most favorite opening sentence for my NYW novel...

I hadn't planned on getting murdered in Hong Kong but I was never one for organising things.


Posted by: expat@large on Jun 25, 07 | 11:39 pm | Profile


very film noirish, sugar...glad you've started partying...what a great week ahead!

Posted by: savannah on Jun 26, 07 | 5:51 am

and yes, in answer to your query, i did...

Posted by: savannah on Jun 26, 07 | 5:51 am

Mmmmm....I love Aussie men. Your sexiness factor just went shot off the sexy-scale. Hawt!

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jun 26, 07 | 12:33 pm

Happy Birfday mate...Cheers
PS: I saw in you margin that you read The CuriousIOTDINTT. What did you think? I loved it and it helps me understand my daughter as she has Auspergers

Posted by: Scorpy on Jun 27, 07 | 5:07 pm

VPS: off the scale in SO many ways...

Scorpy - cheers cobber! Yes loved the book. Read something else interesting recently about Aspergers and autism but -- senior moment! -- I cannot remember where. Will send it on if I find it.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 27, 07 | 5:22 pm

I said AUspergers....well, it is a form of AUtism. Have a good second party

Posted by: Scorpy on Jun 29, 07 | 4:10 pm

Only AUssies have it, maybe...

You had me worried about my spelling, I had to check...

- 'aspergers' - 1,500,000 hits on Google
- 'auspergers' - 490 hits.

It was this book I was referring to -- Mindblindness.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 29, 07 | 6:09 pm


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