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Not Lonely

Speaking of talking, had a very pleasant evening out at Darling Harbour with VirginPornStar, one of my mostest favoritest blogger people. One of the great regrets of my life is will be that this deeply serious and intellectual political science major will not be able to attend my birthday party, as promised, in a bikini! The marriage proposal scenario never eventuated either. Sigh... There was was some vague promise of "in 7 years time..." By that time, as I explained due to my family history, I will be dead from sexual deprivation or heart attack for sure.

In the typical progression of blogger conversations, topics ranged from religion and parental upbringing and their unreasonable expectations, the existence of God, Machiavelli's continuing influence on rationalist political thought and foreign policy, to (after a few Baileys and a few wines) the best way to give (or receive, in my case) blowjobs.

And immaturity in men. This topic fascinates me, as I think myself as very "immature" for a 50 49 year old. Maybe I mean naiive. Anyway, as distinct from other women I have asked this question, she defined "immature" men as those who are, well, simply "childish". Other women I have asked tended to reply "selfish". But as VPS is mainly hanging out with with college students these days, I guess "childish" is what you are going to get.


And I missed that last monorail home so we had to share a taxi, which gave me the opportunity for one extra last farewell kiss... on the cheek...



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 07, 07 | 9:16 pm | Profile


I actually meant "irresponsible", not "childish". There's a little bit of childishness in everyone I think, depending on how you look at it, but irresponsibility is something not everyone practices.

It was wonderful yesterday night. We must do this more often sweetie.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jun 08, 07 | 5:08 pm

total aside BUT, saw this at cafe del nightmare and thought of you


Posted by: savannah on Jun 09, 07 | 10:25 am

VPS: OK - yeah you did say chidishness too, but I picked upon the crazy schoolboy antics... so, there's a lesson there: don't believe everything I type on the internet...

Hey I had this nagging suspicion when I tried to sleep that I ate all the chicken breast... did you get some? For people's information we also ate crocodlile, emu and kangaroo.

Sav: way cool! Thanx!

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 09, 07 | 8:33 pm

Don't tell Bindy Irwin.

Posted by: Dick on Jun 10, 07 | 2:02 am

I nibbled on some chicken.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jun 10, 07 | 11:36 am

VPS: Shit, OK, I ate all the chicken... I feel like crap - I somehow thought that for $24 there were two chicken breasts. I'll have to take you out somewhere fancy NEXT time, somewhere where they give you your own plate!

Dick: one day Bindy will wake up to realize life is not a TV show and she doesn't have to be ON all the time..

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 10, 07 | 11:42 am

No you didn't. I had some when you ran off to the little boys room.

Btw, am glad you got home safe and sound. Was a tad worried about flight safety after the storm over the weekend.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jun 10, 07 | 11:43 am

VPS: great, I feel less like a humoungous food-stealing feeding-frenzy wild pig now... Three glasses of wine and I'm lost in regards food - no resistance.

Was a tad typhoony (?new word) there on Friday, but Sat morning was OK, at the airport at least.

Bloody hot here though! - they predict 35 for the morrow. And humid, Sav? You don't wanna know!!

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 10, 07 | 1:24 pm

You lucky ducky.

Posted by: knobby on Jun 21, 07 | 12:46 am


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