Sash Hangs Up Her Stilettos

OMG, what is the blogging world coming to? Spike goes home alone and Sash has found love?

As world-wide blogging energy reaches another crisis of renewability, it makes you wonder just what to read in future... And why you should bother keeping on writing yourself? But then Indy stirs up pages of commentary with another of his pseudo-Cosmo metro-sensual "only-I-understand-women" columns and you know that the compulsive communicators are still with us...


Meanwhile, in meatosphere reality, E@L is in Syddderny and drinking way too much McLaren Vale Shiraz...

He has to contend with 6:30 am breakfast-less meets at the hospital and work there towards the eventual outcomes which genereate cc-ed emails that say "Phillip was fantastic and so helpful!" as he guides his teetering company back to solid ground single-handedly...

But fuck me if the train from Waroongah - where my ex-HK buddy and his wife contemplates the question of whether it is better to have a $3million house and bugger all cash inflow or have $3million in cash and no snobs-ville suburban fortress - didn't stop at North Sydney where E@L awoke to hear the loudspeaker informing him that it was "the end of the line"... which shook him into a Camusian crisis until he realised that he merely had to take a bus across the bridge to get to his Chinatown (where else?) hotel in order to remain in sustained corporeality. He would have crashed in one of the 47 bedrooms but he didn't have his blood pressure tablets with plus Storm-trooper Lucas (the pitter-patter of little jackboots), his 5.5 year old "god"son would no doubt have wrenched him from jet-lag and red-wine induced coma at 6am or so again... when there is a late start tomorrow (oops, today).

Discretion is the better part of a good nights sleep.

As E@L always says. And hey, before you get all critical, I read him his "Yummy Yummy Yummy" good night story, OK?... I'll see him again on Friday, hopefully.

A good jazz festival would have been nice too though...



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 05, 07 | 11:55 pm | Profile


Thursday is something to look forward to. Are you wining and dining me or is it just drinks? I forgot, silly me. Too wrapped up in the theories of Morgenthau, Hobbes and the like.

I have to work Friday morning, but late-ish so you can read me a good night story if you want. *grin*

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jun 06, 07 | 3:02 am

you do get around, sugar!

(the festival was delish...glad you liked the review)

Posted by: savannah on Jun 06, 07 | 9:36 am

VPS: I *do* have a really early start on Friday so I can't stay out late or drink much, so it regrettably must be "short-time" only... Whatever can fit into your intellectual timetable.

Sav: I get around like a doughnut. Where I go, there I am, with a hole in the middle.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 06, 07 | 10:09 am

There is such a thing as drinking too much McLaren Vale Shiraz?

I think not.

Popped down to Sillypore last weekend with my new Thai future ex-wife. But had no time to look you up. Next time...

Posted by: Dan at ExPatLife on Jun 07, 07 | 6:00 pm

Dan: well you wouldn't would you - shopping for the tai-tai Thai would be priorities 1, 2, 3 through X, where N = number of credit cards,Y = melting point of plastic, and Z = time to check-in at the airport.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 07, 07 | 9:56 pm


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