Lost In Translating

I'm stuck in meetings all day and dinner events all evening with no chance for "socialising" a la Spike, who is also in Tokyo, actually having about as much fun as me.

My current role here is to stay awake during the current meeting, which consists of reports and reports OF reports, until Friday afternoon when MY meetings with the marketing people (all giving their reports until then) are to take place. I gather my new responsibilities will be to ensure that none (not as much) of the marketing or training materials will be eligible for inclusion on engrish.com.

Till then little blogging, little fun, large blank-faced anomie.

Hoping to do the Tsukiji Fish Market on Saturday morning. Maybe just have a look a round and then eat outside in one the restaurants where the queues are not so long and the fish is just as fresh. Or might do a big fry up instead. Waddya reckon?



Posted by: expat@large on May 31, 07 | 7:01 am | Profile


well, sugar, i reckon you'll do both..cos you're just that kind of adventurous guy...or just bored out of yer skull enough to get lost in a feeding frenzy...

Posted by: savannah on May 31, 07 | 10:21 am

I'm in Tokyo till early Saturday afternoon, Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills, should you find some free time. My Hong Kong mobile works here. I've never done the early morning Tsukiji thing. Then again I'm not good at getting up that early.

Posted by: spike on May 31, 07 | 11:38 am

Sav: not really into the big fry ups, just thought it was funny... but you're right, once the white rice carbs start hitting me, I go bezerk... feeeding frenzy!!!!

Spike: I'll be looking for a good bookshop tomorrow afternoon or Sat (my flight is 7pm) -seeking some art books for the ex-MIL: Japanese landscapes, flowers, nature. If I be free tomorrow night I'll buzz you, but I do want to get up early and get to Tsukiji... just for the '1000 things' tick-box and the t-shirt (XXXL).

Posted by: expat@large on May 31, 07 | 6:47 pm

If you want an amazing art bookshop, there is one within spitting distance of my hotel.

Try calling me for Tsukiji, maybe I'll just stay up all night to be ready for it.

Posted by: spike on Jun 01, 07 | 1:49 am

Wish I was there to help, but I am still here in Hawaii. Have an Ebisu for me!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jun 01, 07 | 4:58 pm

Spike: On my way to Roppingi now, for the bookshop of course and dinner... Tachikawa Chuo line 14 stops to Shinjuku, change to Oedo line 5 stops to Roppongi. Tsukijishijo 5 stops further on... Not sure about the 3:30am rise though.

Skip: damn shame.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 01, 07 | 5:31 pm


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