E@L's First Ever "Babe Of The Week"

Back from Bangkok (careful how you say that, ha ha!) after an eye watering opening time in that wacky, fun City of Angels.

Met some interesting people and surprisingly enough, some of them were not selling ultra-sharp shiruken (have fun kids!), Stormbringer Soul Stealing Sword of Netherworld copies (of the actual motherfucking SWORD, not the PSP game), tasers (the missus not following orders promptly enough?) or fake designer hand-bags, (sorry, I mean fake hand-bags designed by real designers) in the rather sodden Sois of Sukhumvit after a recent rain.

This babe for example. We met by coincidence as I twisted my ankle on the gutter just outside my hotel at 2am. I was a little bit blind, but she didn't mind. She said she likes drunk pompooey (fat) farangs who stay in expensive hotels and who best of all need to get a bit more cash from the Bank of General Simchiniporn's convenient ATM, right there under this bright light...

We really hit it off from the word go, the moment she grabbed at my dick on the street and said "Hello big man, you wann girrfren tonigh?"

You know there are some people you just have so much in common with, you can tell from that first moment. It's intangible, unlike her tits which were hugely tangible. She really knows how to party, even though she had sore throat and a rather husky voice... Poor thing, maybe she swallowed someone bad for her.

But we had a ball in my room, a really REALLY good time. Twice! Nudge nudge! No problems in THAT department, eh! (Seriously fellas, that Cialis kicks Viagra's butt from here to the breakfast buffet!)


For some southern exposure off my delicious honey bee, who likes to sting with the LIGHTS OFF for some reason, click MORE...


[Careful: Not Suitable For Kids, NSFW]

p.s. Thanks for sending me that Mark. Are you SURE you're not gay?



Oops, WHAT THE!!!!

Hang on, no wonder she left me dangling! Did someone say *GIRL* of the Week?

I want my 3000Bht back!

HANG ON AGAIN!!! What's happened to all the cash in my fucking bank account!!!


Posted by: expat@large on May 22, 07 | 12:08 am | Profile


haha, paul o sent that to me too.
nice nuts - lol-

Posted by: T on May 22, 07 | 4:04 pm

wow, this kid really gets around..i saw the pic on old knudsen's site *snickering*

(funny post, sugar...you crack me up!)

Posted by: savannah on May 22, 07 | 7:53 pm

Yeah, my photography skills are so high, the quality is such that word and the photos really get around...

Posted by: expat@large on May 23, 07 | 12:57 am


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