Democracy Under Sniper Attack

After reading about the shoot-out that is the upcoming Philippines election over the Amazing Disappearing/Reappearing Madame Chiang's blog, someone sent me press clipping from the IHT that included this photo:

(Click for link)

More from that paper.


And I'm thinking....

.... what with democracy in the (pow,pow, you're dead) Philippines, democracy in the Middle East, democracy in Iraq, democracy in Afghanistan, the quality and persistence (as in when will they just GO AWAY?) of leaders in the USA, England and Australia all democratically elected (apart from Bush's first term), Hitler being democratically elected, Shinawatra Thaksin having been democratically elected, et ceteraaaa, et ceteraaaa, and so on, and so forth... [I am in Siam right now.]

... I'm thinking, maybe it's a GOOD THING we don't have even the faintest hint, the slightest glimmer, the merest suggestion, not even a soupçon of democracy down there in Singapore*.

... I'm looking at that photo above and I imagine giving Singapore's politicians guns, particularly those long-serving ones, now patently suffering under the quivering thought processes of senile dementia!

Head for the, um, hillls... Hills? There's no freaking hills in Singapore!!!

Remember: Guns don't kill people - it's those pesky bullets fired at extremely high velocity from the guns that do the damage to people. Mostly.

Hence the expression, so common in Singapore, "biting the bullet that feeds you".

(Drifiting in senility myself in this rambling ex-tempore post... )


* There is a mandatory death penalty for merely *discharging a gun* in a public place in Singapore, or so I have been reliably informed. Unless you have a licence to shoot crows, as my unperturbed taxi driver explained when several disconcerting (to me at least) gunshots rang out along Ang Mo Kio one evening...


Posted by: expat@large on May 12, 07 | 1:17 pm | Profile


(pondering your post and then going off on my own tangent)
which democracy? representative, direct, liberal, socialist, etc, etc, etc (in difference to your situ)
i'm starting to lean towrds sortition or maybe tribal...but i digress...
*back to my ghetto fabulous weekend*

Posted by: savannah on May 12, 07 | 11:29 pm

Sav: "in deference" or "indifference" ???? - mean two slightly different things... or did you mean "in contradistinction"?

And as for "ghet fab", as I said, I need something more... ostentatious, meretricious, glitzy, showy, flashy...

Posted by: expat@large on May 13, 07 | 3:22 am

jaysus..i meant "in deference" as in "out of respect for, in consideration of" a slight lingering on a key, yes, mades a difference, but sugar, would i EVER be indifferent to you or your situation?

Posted by: savannah on May 13, 07 | 3:55 am

Sav: just checking. Typos and Ambiguity, you know, seven types thereof... Empson was a southern man, yeah? (Southern Yorkshire!)

Posted by: expat@large on May 13, 07 | 4:18 am


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