Hardship Postings Again

After an extended stint in the DwDP home town (hence the political frustration posts of the last few weeks) E@L is off again.

First up; two weeks in Thailand, mainly Bangkok, investigating what it is in the atmosphere that breeds such vigorous acrimony amongst the bloggers there. Last visit to LoS, E@L was forced to weekend in Phuket! This trip, the hospital in Pattaya in on the visit list - and on the weekend again! Damn, E@L hates it when he gets stuck in these bordello/beach resorts over the weekend!

Also an upcountry Isaan trip to Khon Kaen, hopefully not by sleepy driver...

After that, a weekend rest in Singapore and then it may be a week in Sydney, or not, depending upon forces beyond his control. There is interesting and important stuff to be done at NUS here that week as well... Mmmm.

Then the weekend at 'home' again, thence to Tokyo, where he presumes he is going to be asked to help translate some of the company's training materials from Japglish (aka Ingrish) into presentable English.

So. Either the postings will be light this May or it will be heavy, depending upon Internet access and whatever bloggable action/adventures come E@L's way...

Stay tuned - still need to inwardly digest the complete implications of Spike's visit last week.


And have a HEAP of Book Reviews to be written up! Gerrie Lim's porn expose, Bjorn Turmann's two excellent farang and ang-moh cautionary tales, Svend Christiansen's next gwailo cautionary tale and there's a genuine reviewing assignment ("if you want to") -- Phil from Monsoon Books even sent me what appears to be an interesting book by a plantation manager in Malaya in the 50's!

Head down, bum up, as we say. (It means "there's work to be done"! you filthy minded people!)



Posted by: expat@large on May 06, 07 | 11:58 pm | Profile


ok...but how are the PARTY PREPARATIONS going?

*i miss you already*

Posted by: savannah on May 07, 07 | 2:10 am

I think I'll be in Hawaii while you are here, but if there is anything I can do-let me know

Posted by: Skippy-san on May 07, 07 | 2:14 am

The biggest implication being his assertion that Singapore was a great place and that he couldn't see what you were complaining about... ~lol~ the look on your face when he said that...mmm, not quite priceless but at least worth the price of a martini.

Posted by: Indiana on May 07, 07 | 7:09 am

Sav: soon as I posted this I thought - I didn't mention the PARTY! I'll save it for a seperate post. Things are under control and the venue is pencilled in -"our book doesn't go that far in advance!" What, they have last years diary or something?

Skip: I'll be out in Ohme or somewhere similarly suburban with work functions everynight anyway.

Indy: yeah, but Spike bitches about HK politics the way I do 'bout Singapore. I was referring to the dark secrets of Duxton Hill. Grass greener syndrome, I guess.

Posted by: expat@large on May 07, 07 | 9:21 am

So friendship with T is unlocking secret Singapore and letting you see the seedy underbelly that was denied with the banning of St. Jack, or should that be the seedy underbelly that you had not discovered for yourself.

Posted by: Indiana on May 07, 07 | 1:18 pm

Hey e@L, we may be in the same cities yet again. I'm in EL now, but back to Bangers 10-14. Then Osaka 16-20 and Tokyo 20-26.

Give a bell or an email.


Posted by: Dan at ExPatLife on May 07, 07 | 5:30 pm

EL would be MEL. Doah!

Posted by: Dan at ExPatLife on May 07, 07 | 5:31 pm

Indy: that about sums it up...

Dan: shall do - I am scheduled for Pattaya 11-13, but we'll see!

...as in -bourne? You could catch up with my son! Tell him to call his beloved father more often!

Posted by: expat@large on May 07, 07 | 10:57 pm

"...then it may be a week in Sydney, or not..."

I hope to see you if you do come this way.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on May 08, 07 | 12:02 pm

Love to, but things are deathly silent from the powers that be... Think I'll be working at NUH that week instead...

Posted by: expat@large on May 08, 07 | 7:32 pm


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