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Really, I have to do something about my birthday. TBO. Five-Oh! I've really got to, like, grow up and organize a party. The Hua Hin Jazz Festival dates issue is STILL unresolved, so the organizers are obviously Thai totally whacked on drugs. Skip it.

  1. Cancel my trip to Hua Hin (I am going to Hanoi AND Tokyo that week anyway)
  2. Choose a date for the parties - one for Melbourne, one for Singapore
  3. Go to Sentosa and check out KM8 and Cafe Del Mar as possible mature, sophisticated, elite and global talent venues
  4. Hire a clown
  5. Make a list of possible guests - one list for Melbourne, one for Singapore
  6. Ask my sister to get off the computer and clean her upstairs room for a party
  7. Meet some new, *nice* people so I can invite them and talk to them about mature, sophisticated, elite and global talent issues.
  8. Get a decent bj at the 4FoW, soon...

Fuck. I don't want to do this - I am in total denial. Maybe I am not a logistical person. Or is that I am a loner and just want to be enjoy my own company, like I am tonight, a Saturday night and I'm blogging...?

OK let's get sensible. There's no point in my trying to have a party for MY birthday on the same weekend as my SON'S birthday (the weekend before). So, instead of raining on his parade, I'll come to Melbourne for my birthday ON my birthday and buy him a freaking present for his. Subject to ticket availability.

That means I'll have to have my birthday party in Singapore the week after, on the 30th. At least I know one person who's available.

Get that? Party on the 30th June. Venue to be sorted...

OK, now (i.e. tomorrow, after sleep) to make the lists and after confirming the venues, send out emails. If you don't get one it means either I don't know you, don't have your email address, or I don't want you there. Deal with it.



Posted by: expat@large on Apr 22, 07 | 12:54 am | Profile


i LOVE giving parties! i'll help!

Posted by: savannah on Apr 22, 07 | 10:41 am

OK, meet me at Harbourfront at 2.

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 22, 07 | 12:05 pm

if you feel more comfy on your own you shouldn't feel obligated to throw two parties. mabbe you could save it for when you turn 60!

It's sunday and between friday and today, I've been to three parties. I'm sick of being surrounded by people, i wanna be alone. but i don't actually have such luck in the coming week. bleah.

Posted by: The Ivy on Apr 22, 07 | 12:50 pm

Ivy, I swing betweeen two extremes - pleasant-days-of-solitude > life-of-the-party-gregarious.

I feel I have an obligation to my friends - party animals all - I love their company individually, but I panic thinking that at the party I will not be able to give them adequate attention in the party and offend them somehow... Of course people know that is how parties work so they don't get offended, indeed I used to have great parties on my rooftop in HK...

But, is it so unusual (eccentric? antisocial=sick?) to vant to be alone, or occasionaly least in the company of only a SELECT few friends? Emily Dickinson only spoke to her friends through a partially open door for 50 years... But to loose oneself in a crowd of happy people celebrating or dancing is also a source of release...

What requires more solitude than writing/blogging?

Yet I find it easier to concentrate on reading my book in a bustling coffee shop... It creates a white noise around me that I don't get at home where there are things requiring attention, like the dishes...

Am I screwed?

This deserves a full post/artciel/thesis that I have been meaning to write since I finished that book I linked to, Loner's Manifesto -- and then that Korean kid goes and blows my thesis out of the water along with his school-mates. Loner or loser? Self imposed hermit or desperately lonely through rejection?

Even read a brief online bio of Thomas Merton, the hermit monk of the 60's who died bathetically when he trod on a bare wire in a bathroom in a cheap hotel in Bangkok....

Going out to buy Steve Martin's Lonely Guy DVD now...

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 22, 07 | 1:32 pm

"3.Go to Sentosa and check out KM8 and Cafe Del Mar as possible mature, sophisticated, elite and global talent venues.

4.Hire a clown.

LOL! You just made me laugh for the first time today. I heart you!

June's a tad too early to be planning, but I guess with venues it's better to book early rather than end up having to host it somewhere dodgy.

As for music, play whatever you like, doesn't matter whether other people like it or not. It's your party, so tough!

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Apr 22, 07 | 2:49 pm

e@l - i understand the part about swinging between two extremes. i go through the same thing.

the korean kid wasn't lonely or loserish. he was in need of a shrink.

Posted by: The Ivy on Apr 22, 07 | 9:05 pm

VPS - you laughed? Then my work here is done... It's nice to hear the audience respond...

I need to plan ahead as people might be coming in from all over, like UK, Thailand, HK and Aus and will need to book flights etc.

IVY - some people just don't understand! I am so often alone - the sole English speaker at a table of twelve Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Thai, or Austrians and it doesn't bother me not to have to talk! ... You've gotta read that book!

Cho, - I think he *was* lonely and a loser but maybe NOT a loner - was also in need of a society that wouldn't allow people to sell him two guns...

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 22, 07 | 9:13 pm


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