It's Official! E@L Is "Global Talent"!

Got a scary looking envelope from the MOM (MiniOhMan) today. Shit, were some of my antics at the R7s reported to the authorities? Was I still paying the FDW levy for The Mouse even thought she left 2 years ago come Easter...

Nope, not at all...

Singapore values the skills, sexpertise and contributions of GLOBAL TALENT [That'd be ME kids!]. Now, working and living in Singapore is easier for foreign professionals with the introduction of the new Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). [My capitals, my mispleling]

Yep, I've been invited!

To get a PEP card, like a pep talk only, only, like on a card! (I notice they fucked up the text and display the same dependancy information twice.)

Should I feel so overwhelmingly priveleged? Or just a little paranoid?

This is basically an ID card, right...?

Heaven forfend I should turn into a - *shudder* - Singapore resident before my time, or pay anything like the exhorbitant full tax rate, as I am currently classified as NOR (not ordinarily resident).

Feeling a tad Orwellian, be me...

OK, no, there doesn't seem to be any actual DNA sample required - I have these preterite tissues at hand, too.

Checking the promo material, not the website which is in error, I can claim the following priveleges:

1. Five year valid work-pass.

2. Six months hiatus between jobs before being thrown off Sentosa and told to swim thataway....

3. So long as "the minimum annual basic salary rqeuirement[sic] of $30,000", 1/20 of a peanut, is met. Well, I can't take up teaching then.

Hang on, I get to stay here for 6 months in between jobs, which prompts the question: "Do they know something I don't?"


What? You got one too? Damn I thought I was special...



Posted by: expat@large on Apr 03, 07 | 11:35 pm | Profile


as long as the education system doesn't change, we'll continue to need foreign talent.

Posted by: The Ivy on Apr 04, 07 | 12:59 am

I didn't get one...oh wait...that would be because I don't have talent... ~lol~

Posted by: Indiana on Apr 04, 07 | 7:01 am

You do Indy, but in what I will not say.*grin*

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Apr 04, 07 | 8:35 am

Indy & VPS: mmm... not sure if I want poke my head too deeply into that one.

Indy: maybe it's because you hide your light under a bushel. How long have you been here? I've been here just a shade under three years, and it depends: if you are P1 or P2 have to be here at least 2 years, Q1 have to be here 5 years.

(And I note this morning that all the typos that were on the website yesterday have been fixed!)

Ivy: I guess it's more the pool of people to draw from, because it's not just "talent" or "intelligence" or "education" that make you eligible for trans-national jobs, it's also personality and experience working transnationally and a well-accepted passport that count. I'd been travelling all over Asia for 6 years already before I came here, based out of HK for another multinational. There were only one or two people already in Singapore who could claim that sort of experience and they were in entrenched positions in their multinational companies, and one of them is Malaysian.

And remember I am not employed to WORK in Singapore or for a Singaporean company. I work everywhere - Africa, MiddleEast, South Asia, SEAsia, North Asia, Australia, Canada - for a Japanese company that just happens to have its small distribution office in Singapore because it is a free port.

Point I am trying to make is that I am not actually stealing any Singaporean's job.

It is pure globalisation.

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 04, 07 | 1:13 pm

So where do I get one of these? I'm not talented but I have lots of desire............

Posted by: Skippy-san on Apr 04, 07 | 2:50 pm

Funny lines all taken I see. I was asleep as usual.

Posted by: Dick on Apr 05, 07 | 12:41 am


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