HK 7s Report

What to say about the 7s?

Tame it may have been in the South Stand due to those rowdy U/18's being banned and the more strict than usual over-crowding policing, but rugged it was again in the mosh-pit at the Tent party afterwards. No photos this year as I decided to travel light and not risk losing the camera. I did find somebody's wallet instead, deep in the slush and mud on the dance floor - Wilhelm Dalrymple or something. Turns out he was the wildest, sweatiest, body-slamming maniac in the mosh-pit, wearing a a pair of wrestling leotards and a Nacho Libre face mask, the one I had vowed to take out... if I had had two knees worth standing upon to take a run at him, the bastard. We were bestest buddies after he got his cards and cash back though...

Couldn't I have found some gorgeous babe's wallet instead???


It's really quite strange this whole expat circuit thing; you only meet people once every year or so and you're bestest buddies all over again, like you've been hanging together every day for years and never lost touch. The conversations continue with hardly a glitch. Amazing how the nature of vagabondage life forces you to adapt to these extremely short-contact relationships. I'm not talking sex, but acquantainces, friends and colleagues. You're in town, they're out: you step in, they step out, as the old WeddingsPartiesAnything's song goes (from Difficult Loves, 1992). How shallow must we be, how sales-man friendly, people persons, always ready with smile and handshake and hug for someone who yells "PHIL!" ... and you haven't a clue where you know them from? Do you owe them money? Did you share either end of a hooker once? (Joking, not done that, never will...)

Do these relationships equate to actual friendships, or are you just clinging?


This whole life is one enormous never-ending all electric end-of-season footy trip.


Some interesting conversations during the weekend.

1: A guy who claimed to have worked on Kung-Fu Hustle with Stephen Chow. Well, hardly a conversation as I was speechlessly drunk, but I let him talk and he seemed to enjoy the attention. British guy, lean face, maybe a trimmed beard; can find any reference to whomever he could be possibly be on IMDB though. Maybe part of the writing team or the production company.

2: My ex-flatmate's tale of the break-up of her 4 year relationship. Her bestest friend in London was abandoned by the husband after she had just had a baby. The bastard. Bestest-friend came out to HK for some support and consolation and after endless late night conversations... she stole the ex-flatmate's fiance! Turns out he had had a marriage fall apart (she went lesbian! Ouch!) and so there was working through of issues, mutually understood, feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity, yada yada, understanding and empathy, blah blah. The bastard. Ex-fm seems to be doing OK. Plus she tells the story much better than I do, but if you think *I* can run on...

3: Guy who was doing the legal side of some deals in Vietnam, buying mangrove swamps from dirt-poor prawn farmers for a planned container terminal near Hai Phong. They had to lend one old farmer money for him to pay for his own legal counsel before they'd let him sign the multi-million US dollar deal. Another of the farmers, with his multiple millions of US dollars, was going to get HEALTH INSURANCE for his WHOLE family!


As I was busy re-entering the treacherous hiatus of those expat-style friendships most of the weekend, I didn't catch up with any HK bloggers. Luke is Phuket. Steve I thought was in Paris or Mumbai, but apparently he is back. I scoped around Neptunes at about 11pm on Friday night but didn't see him. It may have been too early. Mia, I had no way of making contact with as apparently our mutual friend isn't in HK anymore and I didn't have my computer to organize anything by email. Think I saw Shakey, or at least someone in a pith helmet, in the tent.


One of my buddies convinced a Filipino girl he was chatting up in Neptunes to give *me* a lap-dance... That was funny. She had no clue what was going on. I gave her a HK$100 for her efforts. But his lines during the lead-up were excellent. I wish I had a tape recorder tuned onto the conversation. He drew her out, got her talking about her life, family, got her confidence... Me, it's "how much?", end of conversation... He's a salesman, I have a Diploma in Applied Physics.


And if anyone has a copy of last Friday's South China Morning Post, please let me know. I was quoted in an article about what themes people would be dressing up in this year. I picked James Bond, but I didn't see any. [Helps if you know the writer. Cheers Robby, good work.]


I think I have tonsillitis of the brain.


There is no food in my house. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The residential ants were eating the residue of toothpaste on my electric toothbrush. That's how desperate the situation has become. Big night out shopping later!


It is my first day in the office for over a month and the first thing I do is post a blog entry!



Posted by: expat@large on Apr 03, 07 | 11:28 am | Profile


Ah, I saw you at a distance a number of times, but never got close enough to smooch you. Probably for the best! ~grin~

Posted by: Mia on Apr 03, 07 | 12:31 pm

You're the shy one, eh?...

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 03, 07 | 1:06 pm

You are finally going to do some work and allow your liver and kidney's to recover ~lol~

Posted by: Indiana on Apr 03, 07 | 2:39 pm

You've no idea how much alcohol was filterd through those poor organs...

And now I think I've got bronchitis/bird-flu/SARS/exercise-induced asthma... The liver and kidneys can rest while the lungs take a battering.

And "work" consists of doing my expenses for all those trips over the last two months.

Posted by: expat@large on Apr 03, 07 | 3:01 pm

if you can give me the title of the article i could send you the text.

Posted by: The Ivy on Apr 04, 07 | 12:57 am

I get to go to HK next week and see if there is any beer (or anything else) left after you guys took it all during the 7's.........

Maybe next year!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Apr 04, 07 | 2:53 pm


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