Knee Failure (or a pulled "heart muscle"?) - Nekkid Saunas

Today the snow continues to fall and it is cloudy up the hill, but brightness is falling from the air as well, even as we speak.

Earlier I tried a small test run on the kinderslope but, after a day of rest, my right knee (3 months post-op) was of dubious strength. Even on the T-bar going up the slight incline I could feel it suddenly threaten to collapse. This is not good, I thought.

Hordes of 5 year olds were whizzing past as I came gingerly down the a groomed track. Every time I tried to turn left I felt it give way with the first effort of pressure, like it was about to collapse again. Or was it a psychological collapse, a big scaredy-cat E@L whimping out just because it was impossible to read the snow in front of him?

Mmm. Either way, not good.

The kneecap was clicking a lot more than usual yesterday and going up stairs was more awkward as well, but I had put that down to thigh tiredness. I think that probably the bursitis (Baker's cyst) in the back of the knee has returned. It is a little bit puffier than the left.

OK. Let's hit the anti-inflammatories. And keep some gentle stretches going. I had spent 15 minutes stretching this morning, so it wasn't that. Maybe when the weather improves in a day or two, it'll be right, as will my preparedness to push it when I can see where I am going. At least I got one day at the top out of this.


This is something MercerMachine definitely has to experience.

German saunas.

Everybody is totally naked. Mixed sex, mixed age. Naked.

T's 60yo mum, his 6yo neice, T and I are all in the buff, all in the steam-room, letting it all hang out, sweating it all out. When P (female), an ex-colleague and a friend from way back in HK was about to join us, I said OK, that's it, I'm outa here.

This is something else, too weird. What is it with these Germans?

Will I go back today? Yeah, probably. Being hot in a sauna is cool...

Actually it is surprisingly easy to get over the nakedness/shyness issue with semi-strangers. However, to a neophyte like me, I sense that to make some sort of big deal about being naked, like consciously covering your wedding tackle which shows that you are aware of your nakedness, may make the others become aware and self-conscious as well, and it will all crumble into everybody running around looking for fig-leaves, like the last day in the Garden of Eden...

Or maybe not...



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 20, 07 | 7:19 pm | Profile


Naked in a sauna with E@L...mmm...doesn't exactly sound like a relaxing holiday to me.

And in response to your knee, my advice, lots of sitting and drinking...but thats just my 2 cents.

Posted by: Indiana on Mar 20, 07 | 8:33 pm

1. You are old.

2. Naked mixed German saunas? I thought Germans were way more sexually repressed than that.

Posted by: Samantha on Mar 20, 07 | 9:38 pm

it's the "newbie" factor, sugar... because ther's nothing new under the sun, just variations on a theme *w*

Posted by: savannah on Mar 20, 07 | 9:57 pm

You probably injured yourself with all those acrobatics on Robert Walser Strasse. Get a stand in next time.

Posted by: Dick on Mar 21, 07 | 1:37 am

Indy: been overdoing your advice already...

1. I prefer to think of myself as being musculoskeletally mature.
2. Lack of sexual repression is why the pilgrim fathers left Europe, in order to develop guilt and fear to a fine art in America. As someone said, they went in search of the religious freedom to be more religiously strict. Germany: porno movies play on normal hotel television after 11pm, topless hookers in shop-front street windows, nudism everywhere.

Sav: I try to keep my 'newbie' out of the sun. Sunburnt 'newbie'? Ow!

Dick: Jakob Von Guntern is a hard slog for only 170 pages. Think 'Notes from Underground' mixed with 'Young Törless' and with 'Death in Venice' thrown in for good measure. Quite dense with self-confession of perverse contradiction. Sort of like your blog...


For Reasons of Accusations of Non-Disclosure and Semi-Plagiarism-- A Question To All:

'What is it with these Germans?' is a semi-quote from what scatological and scatophilic animated movie situated in the non-northern parts of a public recreational area?


Posted by: expat@large on Mar 21, 07 | 8:11 pm

'self-confession of perverse contradiction'....yeah I know but it's my niche...other people do the topical late-night stand up comic stuff so much better.

Posted by: Dick on Mar 22, 07 | 1:01 am

Is that the P I met?

Posted by: knobby on Mar 25, 07 | 5:49 am


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