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'Safe' In Indonesia

As if crossing the road in Jakarta wasn't risky enough, but no, E@L wasn't in today's plane crash nor yesterdays earthquake. To say nothing of mudslides, floods or volcanoes.

Lucky also I am not a journalist.


BTW, staying in one of Tommy Suharto's hotels. What's the latest story on this guy? When he was in prison (for ordering the murder of a judge! and failing to offer a big enough bribe to have the charges dropped) a USD$1million transfer -- oops USD$10milllion -- went to the Ministry of, um, Justice from one of his overseas accounts - (personal savings from his generous salary no doubt - it wouldn't be his family's ultra-corrupt siphoning off of funds from drugs, gambling, prostitution or illegal logging or whatever). The money turned out to be 'halal' or 'clean' after all and was transfrred back to another of Tommy's accounts. And then he was then 'conditionally' released EARLY from prison the next year...


The two heads of the Ministry who seem to have handled the transaction said, "What? What are you looking at us for? It's OK, it was an official legitimate transfer, don't worry about it. We'll look after it the details - look, is it that another plane crashing over there?"

You have to read that book I mentioned the other day - Lords of the Rim - to have any idea of how NORMAL this sort of insanity is in Indonesia.

Speaking of which, I get to send three items free to the LAUNDRY every day.

[There's not a lot of this amazing story on the web part from the links above, but I was reading about it yesterday in a free paper in a Starbucks nearby - which I don't have a copy of at hand.]

It's a bloody nice hotel though! The Mulia.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 07, 07 | 7:21 pm | Profile


Good to know

Posted by: Mia on Mar 07, 07 | 8:33 pm

looked at the book on amazon..thanks for the tip

that hotel is gorgeous!

Posted by: savannah on Mar 07, 07 | 10:20 pm

i love hotels in third world countries. they rock.

Posted by: The Ivy on Mar 08, 07 | 12:45 pm

However, not all are that good, and they fade in comparison to some of the private hospitals in Thailand! The hotel I was at in Phuket township was absolute shite and it was the best in town - the really nice ones are at Patong Beach, etc/. However the hospital there was equivalent to the Mulia hotel here in Jakarta. Just outside these magnificnetly plush marble and deep-pile 'medical' establishments, people are fossicking in the rubbish and kicking away mangy street-dogs to secure their familys' next meal, inside, the foreign tourists get their saggy eyebags and even saggier tits reduced for half-price as they sip cappucinnos and nibble blueberry muffins during their comfy recuperation. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

OK this one seems good. There were about 50 staff just helping customers at breakfast this morning. Imagine finding a $120 hotel in Australia or America or Eurpope where in the breakfast room there is more staff than just a single surly fat arse bitch at the cash-register who blames you for her having to get up early in the morning, and who therefore charges you for a FULL breakfast as cereal (cornflakes in a packet) and milk doesn't come with the Continental...

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 08, 07 | 3:19 pm


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