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Sports Mad E@L!

You know, before I moved to Hong Kong (which is before I moved to Singapore) I moved to Sydney from provincial Victoria. ("Provincial" - sounds very 'Madame Bovary', doesn't it?)

In Victoria the winter (rain, wind, no snow) sport is Aussie Rules: a.k.a. ariel ping-pong. Imagine if American football was mixed with basketball, then mixed with soccer and rugby. A vigorous game of keepings-off where you try to kick a ball between vertical posts, with a LOT of running around. Aw, have a look for yourselves:

Anyway the season starts soon... E@L's team is the Cats - Geelong.

Go Cats!


While we are on the topic of muscles-headed hormone abusers, after moving to Sydney I was taken by a New Zealand friend to watch a Rugby match. I just didn't get it. Why are they stopping all the time? Why are they allowed to kick people in the head and punch them in the face, gouge their eyes, etc? Oh, if boxing is a form of sport then I guess, so is this.

Anyway, back to where we started, when I moved to Hong Kong, my VERY FIRST WEEKEND in town was that of the Rugby Sevens. It was an amazing entree to expatriatism. It doesn't get any more outrageous. I've spoken about it before. The crowd is fantastic when they're not getting you arrested, there's cheering, dancing, getting dressed up like an idiot. It is a three day party and some people even look at the rugby games.

And it's coming up again at the end of the month. I have my Cathay Pathetic HKR7's bundle of airfare and 3-day pass, I have my freebie bed to crash in should I get home at some stage, I have condoms, I have Berrocca, I have a change of Hawaiian shirts...

This will be my TENTH consecutive HKR7's tournament.

Before I went to my first HKR7's I had only seen that ONE Sydney rugby match all the way through. After nine years straight (plus one visit to the Sing R7's) I reckon I've more than doubled that number by now.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 05, 07 | 7:07 pm | Profile


omg...just watched the video ... what a mad insane game! ya'll ARE a mad lot! i am impressed *for what it's worth havin cali hippie/dixie chick thinkin ya'll are hot*

Posted by: savannah on Mar 06, 07 | 11:20 am

The guys who play it maybe incredibly fit and "hot" but the guys watching it are mostly slobs like me risking popping an aneurysm... Yes, we Aussies are all insane!

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 06, 07 | 7:55 pm


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