Why Men Cannot Win

She (GITP): The best sex I had lasted for only 30secs and then he finished.

Us (BITP) (together): You only made love for 30 secs?

She: Well, not only - we had 2 hours of foreplay before...

Us: WHAT! That's not 30 secs of making love, that's 30 sec of penetration. You actually made love for 2hrs and 30secs! That's so unfair the way you described that.

She: Well, yeah I guess. And it was good.



Posted by: expat@large on Mar 04, 07 | 4:30 pm | Profile


I miss talking about sex. =(

The people I hang out with regularly just go "Ieuw!" when I start cracking dirty jokes (all the time) or when I say naughty things (when I'm not cracking dirty jokes).

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Mar 04, 07 | 8:47 pm

I miss *having* sex. =(

The conversation topics are different in Australia, for sure. What happened on Big Brother last night, things like that. Why did I leave again?

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 05, 07 | 12:02 am

i miss sex. i don't understand why my ex calls it making love. e@l, since you're a man, can you explain it to me?

Posted by: The Ivy on Mar 05, 07 | 12:06 am

good to know i'm not the only one missing *having* sex... i have a reason, but...wait, i can HAVE sex...i miss making love *w*

Posted by: savannah on Mar 05, 07 | 12:20 am

Ivy: Your ex-called sex "making love", just as he called work "making money". No I can't expain. I'm not a typical man. I have no car.

I used to call sex "3 hours sweating and struggling in order to feel selfish and guilty again." (and that was when I was by myself!)

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 05, 07 | 12:25 am

haha, come on. It WAS 30sec. haha.but my best ever!! heehee
Have a safe trip. muack!

Posted by: T on Mar 05, 07 | 10:02 am


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