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After a recent kerfuffle with my host I changed my password for the server, and only have a copy of that password on my home PC. This means, now that I am travelling with my laptop, I can't log-in and access the HTML of my blog until I get home.

That's a pity becasue there are a couple of quotes I want to add to the ever-expanding side-bar.

This one I found at Knobby's blog:

"A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than for other people." Thomas Mann.

And this one is from a Gutenberg text - a first hand account of the Battle for Ypres in WWI.

"If the dullest person in the world would only put down sincerely what he or she thought about his or her life, about work and love, religion and emotion, it would be a fascinating document. My only sorrow is that amateurs of whom I have spoken above will not do this; they rather turn to external and impersonal impressions, relate definite things, what they see on their travels, for instance, describing just the things which anyone can see. They tend to indulge in the melancholy labour of translation, or employ customary, familiar forms, such as the novel or the play. If only they would write diaries and publish them; compose imaginary letters; let one inside the house of self, instead of keeping one wandering in the park!" Dr. A. C. Benson in his essay on Authorship in From a College Window.

I thought this last one fits in SO nicely with the others - sarcastic asides aimed at the whole blogging concept.

The Mann quote is just too serious to be funny, and that makes it even funnier. Or do I mean more serious? BTW, is this the only joke he ever made?


A good night's sleep needed tonight. Maybe I'll break the celibacy drought tomorrow night.



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 22, 07 | 12:17 am | Profile


Greetings from Sydney!


Posted by: VirginPornStar on Feb 22, 07 | 3:41 pm

G'die mite!



Your shout.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 22, 07 | 10:12 pm

When I let one inside the house of self one usually takes a quick look and runs for the door.

Posted by: Dick on Feb 22, 07 | 11:37 pm

I see some great titles there.

"The House Of Self" by Dick Headley.

"Wandering In The Park" by (with?) E@L.

It's true that some dull people writing fascintating stories, look at your mate Chuck Woww as an example, but for the VAST majority of dull people their stories are intensely dull too. Dull dull dull. (cf:

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 23, 07 | 7:11 am

It's hard to do dull. I can't think of anybody who's really made a go of it. Beckett maybe. Pinter. God this is dull.

Posted by: Dick on Feb 23, 07 | 11:32 am

"Welkarmasiney'. What is the interpretation please?

This man I thought was Australian! - but apparently not any more - perhaps he's been away from his country of origin too long?

Loyalty is a good quality, plus we're not dull! "I remember the back streets of Naples..."

(but they weren't back streets where we came from anyway)

- love from the monkey on your back, to keep you on track!

Posted by: Sister on Mar 03, 07 | 8:17 pm

Welkarm-a-siney = welcome to Sydney!

Really, um, Mariah, re: this harping on that horrible Peter Saarstedt song, I have no ambition to be anything other than what I am. However I am not "where I came from" just as I am not "what I own", which by the way is a big pile of books and not much else. I don't deny where I came from nor do I claim kudos for where I am. I am just saying what I see, explaining what I feel.

p.s. your yahoo email is bouncing

Posted by: expat@large on Mar 03, 07 | 10:18 pm


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