Zone of Mediocrity

Here's an old graphic from my cute buddies at Headrush, or is it a cute graphic from my old buddies? Either way, I'm gonna steal it use the Creative Commons licence to everybody's advantage and give it some new life!


Where do you think E@L's blog sits in the greater scheme of things, troopers? Is it that the impossible to manipulate Membership thing is keeping away flamers in droves? [I hope so: Ed.]

Be honest. Be nice.

Just don't be mediocre...

What about your own blog, life, sex-life, career, dentures? Remember what watsiname Socrates said about The Unexamined Life? That if it was a blog, it would be not worth reading.

Think about that, for a while. mmmmmm...mmmmm...mmmmm...

You back?

Why ARE you blogging? To be the best? To get praise? Who cares? Then reconsider your desire to share your innermost thoughts and outermost dermis with a public who think you are... just mid-range, OK, average, MEDIfuckingOCRE!...

Or if you're like E@L you'll strive to be midrange just to fuck their bastard marketing crap hype over! Yeah! Becasue the truth is, most people and most companies and most blogs are --- shudder -- average.


The midrange moves with the field as results fluctuate: it always stays in the centre. The average IQ is ALWAYS 100 for example. If everyone gets smarter then new Average becomes the old Brilliant.

No matter how you improve, if eveyone else is improving too, you're just as dumb as you were.

Why bother? Why wash the dishes? Why get up?

It's the Red Queen all over again.


(Not very well thought through E@L, but it was just a fair to middling idea to begin with.)


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 11, 07 | 10:10 pm | Profile


dear sir,
in response to your first query: i find your blog to be insightful and provocative. as you said in previous correspondence, you care and i appreciate that. just your reading list alone has been benefical to both myself and my local bookseller.

john patrick shanley said it so well:

Doubt is not paralysis. Certainty is. Doubt keeps the doors and windows open. Belief is one room with no way out. Do not let others impose a polarity of response on you. You need not live a reactive life. Don't look to have life explained to you, presented to you. Live the life that emanates from your interior greatness. Be an overwhelming bounty of impressions, ideas, conflicting theories, and let the propellant behind all this be generosity. A giving.

as to the second question: i blog because i can *s*

Posted by: savannah on Feb 12, 07 | 4:33 am

Not sure if John Barth would agree - vascillating between extremes of doubt left the protagonist of "The End Of The Road" paralysed with indecision.

However, the reason I blog - it's simple. I just want my readers to smile... That must mean I'm nice. Average. Mediocre.

Certainty is driving through a foreign country flatout on the freeway seeing nothing new, heading to 3star Michelin Restaurant in the big city ahead. Doubt is looking for somewhere nice for dinner in a small village and being asked home by one the families to a delightful rustic villa, but the food is inedible...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 13, 07 | 1:19 pm

john barth! this is exactly why i enjoy your blog...did you read the last voage of somebody the sailor?

Posted by: savannah on Feb 13, 07 | 10:31 pm

I have everything of his up to 'Letters'. Not much after that.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 14, 07 | 12:09 am


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