A Little Taste of Zurich, Here in Singapore!

Any of E@L's widely travelled readers able to recommend a nice place to stay in Zurich?

He knows nothing is cheap in this town - he was there in 1982 and it was $US100 a night even then. He's coming to town for a few day of sightseeing and Time-Zone-Related Soul-Reconnection prior to a week of rock-skiing in Austria.

Somewhere close the houses of the coffee-and-chocolate culture would be good. I realize that this is Earth-Base for banker-wankers, but there must be somewhere safe from their cufflinked Saab-like mediocre smugness...

Must re-see's: the statue of Joyce's at his grave in Fluntern Cemetry. Also the Zurich Library where as E@L recollects, Tom Stoppard's play Travesties had the Modernist Joyce, the Communist Lenin and the Dadaist Tristan Tzara all just missing each other as they moved from room to room.


And speaking of high culture Swiss style, after a night at the Singapore Swiss Club (Bollywood Theme) E@L finds it imperative to avoid large beer-halls with oompah bands at all costs while in Switzerland or even Austria for that matter.

Last night was most... difficult. We tried some of the wine figuring it must be good as it was twice as expensive as the beer. We sent back three bottles of floor-varnish which were mistakenly brought to our table before we re-settled on more beer.

But something like dark thoughts were running the back of E@L's head the whole time... Why is that Germanic woman of a certain age and hair-style remind one of the omnivorous participants in certain scatophile pornographic movies? Their stocky set, conveniently short hair, and fondness for otherwise unpalatable things in life. They were scoffing that undrinkable wine for one thing. And all those ugly annoying cuckoo-clocks and the way they clap, smile and laugh with perverse Pavlovian unpredicatability whenever something ordinarily stomach churning, like oompah music, is presented to them. Fortunately for E@L's sanity, there was no chicken-dance.

He was so sorry for those little kids though, forced by their parents and teachers to stand in front of the band to rap a single maraka against a tambourine for the duration of the oompah band's three sets. These poor kids, they have no say in this. They are being brainswashed. Conditioned. Forced to partake in such savagely kitsch rituals at such a malleable age, who knows what morally distorted creatures they will grow up into... Looking around, E@L thinks he knows.

Letting that rest for the moment, even if the oompah band was dressly exotically (anything vaguely Oriental was considered Bollywood enough, including a Chinese coolie hat with pigtail), the degree of contact between their music and the theme of the evening was very tenuous. E@L is at a loss to explain how "Those Daring You Men In Their Flying Machines" related, for example.

Or the belly dancing, which as an Aussie steeped in the culture of Surrey Hills in Sydney he would automatically prefix with the epithet "Turkish".

Or how the Filipino cover band and it's 80's disco revival set related.

To be fair (and since when isn't E@L fair?) later on the (genuine) Sikh DJ did eventually play the theme from "Monsoon Wedding".

But how does roast lamb with mint sauce and creamy potato salad relate? It was delicious of course, but certainly not Bombay style. Ah, there was dhall and flat bread, true, but the lamb was best. Followed by that most non-Bollywood of deserts, the Berliner.

So now E@L knows what to avoid in Switzerland - large gatherings of Swiss people.


(Why didn't E@L leave? Try getting a signal on your phone to call a taxi in Swiss Club Rd...)


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 11, 07 | 3:57 pm | Profile



really lovely *s*

Posted by: savannah on Feb 11, 07 | 6:09 pm

Oh yeah, it looks really lov--....


$S800 per NIGHT!!!! ($US530)

Whew! Sav, you've really overestimated the E@L expat salary package.

One night is nearly the price of the entire hotel/ski-pass package in Mittersill! Or the return airfare from Singapore to Zurich!

Thanks for that. Next suggestion please.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 11, 07 | 9:56 pm

sorry, luv...it was business trip, i didnt pickup the tap...and didnt look at the rates...

*my bad*

Posted by: savannah on Feb 12, 07 | 3:39 am

so, i found this site: http://www.booking.com

try it

Posted by: savannah on Feb 12, 07 | 7:36 am

As yes that's a great site for booking hotels, much better than Expedia! I got a bargain one for only S$340 per night (USD$220)!

The Hotel Seegarten by the lake. Free WiFi of course.

Thanks Sav! Now to sort out the packing...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 12, 07 | 1:17 pm


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