Another Home-Cooked Meal, Another Disaster(ish)

E@L stewed up a batch of pork and mushroom pasta - something like this, but not quite as fancy: he used mushroom instead of truffles, pork fillet intead of pork neck and added sour light cream like it said on the pasta packet recipe - and it was delicious!

E@L sits down to munch with a bottle of Peter Lehman shiraz, turns on the telly and Oh My God another world disaster.

Previously it was:

London Bombings...

New Orleans Flooded after Hurricane Katrina while in Baghad 650 were drowned in the Tigris when a bridge collapsed...

Bali bombings (take 2)...

This time, it was another severe blow to all of us...

Vale the 7th worst dressed woman of 2005, Anna the beautiful Nicole Smith.

Why were we (you, not me) fascinated with her? Because she was merely a dysfunctional outrageous sef-aggrandising plastic false media-whore slut with not an ounce of shame who destroyed those around her and that the world is much better off without?

Or was it because she had (NSFW) big (fake) tits?

Disaster all right. Not.

I hate fake puppies as much as I hate fake people.



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 07 | 12:55 pm | Profile



What....round puppies. I always find big puppies mesmerizing. I can stare at a big pair of puppies for hours in a fascinated trance and not get bored.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Feb 09, 07 | 2:37 pm

mmm, round puppies...

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 07 | 6:17 pm

Very funny. I wonder if I can get this put on a (very large) plaque and give it to my wife for Valentines day. :)


Posted by: Got Rice? on Feb 10, 07 | 1:32 am


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