Not Down, Not Out...

A slight hiatus to the appearance of the blog last night, sorry. Hopefully everything is running OK now. They changed the IP address of my domain or something, shifted it to another computer, uploaded it to the mother-ship, whatever, to protect against some evil hack attack... The web is Manichean, did you notice?

I missed all the prelude to this, which had apparently required me to change passwords, because I had mistyped my contact email last time I updated. Not like me!

So - This advice may apply to you as well - but, hang on, if you got here to read it, it can't...


Dear E@L

Your site and account are not down. The IP of your server has been changed to one of our own new IPs last night. Please flush your DNS cache. In Windows, go to Start, Run and type in "cmd" without the quotes. Click OK. Type in "ipconfig /flushdns" and hit the Enter key. Try browsing again.

The Management


If this does not work, you didn't do it properly. Do it again.

Light posting lately becasue I've been actually working. Not hard, but working.



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 08, 07 | 11:45 pm | Profile


Good to know that you are working hard...or is that hardly working (And yes I see the irony in this statement ~grin~)

Posted by: Indiana on Feb 09, 07 | 8:51 am

i'm hardly working...i should be ecstatic, but i'm not...i mean, omg, i've been changing colors on my blog bless my heart!

Posted by: savannah on Feb 09, 07 | 10:21 am

Indy:I keep giving you these set-up lines...

Sav: hopefully for better ones... (checks) - marginally. Bit dull now.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 07 | 11:39 am

*ack* you could have told me there!!!!

Posted by: savannah on Feb 09, 07 | 12:12 pm


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 07 | 12:25 pm


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