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When you're in this foul misanthropic, self-loathing mood and looking at the world through hangover colored glasses, you set your face into a rictus of sardonicus and venture forth in the mindless crowds of Orchard Rd just to pit yourself against your strongest temptations. Face up to your enemies. Whatever doesn't kill you probably injures you severely...

Random acts of irritability ensue. Inevitably, Inexorably. Ineluctably. Indubitably. What Hemlock brilliantly (again) calls "Irritable Gwailo Syndrome".

1. European guy, big shoulders and pecs in a tight orange shirt (yuck!), been working at the gym when he should have been going to Manners School, gets out of the taxi that E@L has been waiting in line for, stands at the door getting his money out of his back-pocket to pay the driver, fumbles, fossicks, takes all the time in the world then, stepping back, SHUTS THE TAXI DOOR right in front of E@L's nose and goes to walk away.

"What the FUCK man!" says E@L ...

The dumb guy looks around as if unsure where the words had come from...

2. The checkout girl in ColdStorage is about to hand E@L his change when the next woman in line asks about some bags of horrible looking fungus that are on special. The checkout chick turns to explain to the woman about the deal and, with E@L change in one hand, picks up the bag with the other and starts looking fo rthe original price...

"Hey!" says E@L and *snaps his fingers* several times. "Serving me, here!"

Second lady in line ignores E@L, ignorance being her defining characteristic.




Retail therapy required. Need something new to read. Yeah, right.

These pick-me-up tomes waiting at home aren't enough:

Image of Death on the Installment Plan Image of Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit?Image of Satan Burger

I need something new and even more depressing to get my teeth into...

Ah, here are a few choice new purchases. E@L will sit at the Coffee Bean outside Borders (with his 2 copies of the ST - in order ot get 30% discount on both books! excellent, almost made the sun come out on my cloudy day!) and read...

Image of Bad Faith About French Nazi collaborators during the Vichy Government, in particular the guy who ran the "Jewish Children For Auschwitz" programme there during WWII. Turns out he was the author's psychiatrist's father! Funny that! Thought this might revive my old interest Celine (see above) and put his rampant anti-semitism into more (some?) perspective.

Image of The Great TerrorThe ground-breaking work on Stalin's worst period (they were all pretty bad). This is to put into perspective some of Martin Amis's recent works (Conquest was a friend of dad's) and to help flesh out some other reading on Anna Ahkmatova and other Russian writers of that time, also to help revive my enthusiasm for a short-story I had been writing set in the gulag, a blatant parallel of "the mr brown saga".

How's that for starters? Or perhaps I should continue on this...

Image of The Happiness Hypothesis



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 03, 07 | 6:52 pm | Profile


seems as if your downward spiral BEGAN when you started reading the yellow book

but wtf do i know? i'm reading edith wharton again and absurdistan by gary shteyngart.

Posted by: savannah on Feb 03, 07 | 9:29 pm


Posted by: expat@large on Feb 03, 07 | 10:10 pm

bless your heart

Posted by: savannah on Feb 03, 07 | 10:34 pm


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